I wonder if you will... A fangame for Mark and Jacksepticeye

Hey guys so due to recent developments in my life I have decided to start developing a game that is based on the different circumstances of people’s lives specifically those who watch markipliers and/or Jacksepticeyes videos. I don’t really want to go into detail of the game as I’d like to keep it a relative surprise, but I need your help.

I need stories of why you watch their videos, this can be serious reason or just because you find them funny/cute. I also want like stories of either specific days/videos were you for instance finished a huge amount of homework or pulled yourself out of a funk so you could reward yourself with a video or just needed someone to make you smile. I need a wide variety of these stories so send in any that you have these don’t all have to be serious, I need the funny and happy and ordinary stories too, even if that story is just saying yesterday I got to sit down and watch some of their videos because I finished all my chores and the videos made me smile. If you send in a story please include your name, age, and the country you live in. You may also send in a image of yourself but I’m not sure if I will be including images yet. Also send in some of your own fanart as well if you want I will include those, again include your name, age, country and title of the art. 

Depending on how many of you respond, I will try and include all the stories but if alot actually reply I won’t be able to include all of them in the actual gameplay but I will include and extra area where they will be able to read the stories. Also because my official vacation is only starting 12 June I will only start with the game then, and because it will be a learn as I create experience it may take some time for the game to be completed, and I also want to make it a bit of a longer let’s play. I will be creating the game in rpg maker as it is the easiest platform for me to work on. So please send in all the stories you can and if you want to please spread the word.

Your help is appreciated 😊😊

You can send in your stories to this email—> You are welcome to send it in via anon if you don’t want your real info in the game I will reply giving you a codename that I will use for your story so you know where your story is placed in the game. Or you can send it in anon with your own codename. You can send it in with both first and last name or just first or last which ever you prefer. 😊

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REAL GOT7 S3 Episode 01 - GOT7 Got The Power

source:  Herchanchann


‘👐🏻 COME ON BOYS 👐🏻’

Imagine LGSM going bowling, Mark would declare that he claimed all of the red balls even though they would probably be the heaviest and Mike would usually have to help him pick them up, Joe would be the guy who’s like ‘I haven’t bowled in years..’ But ends up getting a strike on every single round, Jonathan and Gethin would be a team, helping each other bowl the balls and exchanging tactics on the sly, Steph would probably end up chatting up the hot barmaid (Gail) or be the one who had to keep pinching Jeff to remind him to bowl and stop staring at Joe’s ass..