Glasses Half Full | Alex & Delta

Alex pushed a tightly coiled strand of hair behind her ear, tucked a few things inside her handbag, and grabbed her flat key before walking out the door. She locked the door behind her and dropped her keys into a pocket. She had no intention of driving. Outside she caught a taxi and took it to the bar and restaurant that she and Delta had agreed to meet at. It was an evening that she was looking forward to. She hadn’t been out with anyone else since she was in LA, and aside from taking her daughter to dinner she hadn’t been out just girls since she was in Manhattan with Jenn.

When she arrived inside the restaurant she saw that it wasn’t overly busy. She fussed with smoothing her dress down and allowed them to seat her, making sure to let them know that she was expecting someone else to join here. After a moment someone came by to take her drink order and she ordered a glass of wine figuring that once her companion arrived they might order a bottle, but not wanting to pick without her input. Her drink arrived and shortly after she was a familiar face appear through the door.