Tutor || Cassie&Dusk

        Caroline had become obsessed with Cassie. Dusk wasn’t sure if it was because they looked so alike or if it was because Butch had always spoken of her or if it was purely Cassie’s journalistic abilities but Caroline was now cutting out clippings of Cassie’s work as if the woman was actually famous. Dusk didn’t get it but she didn’t get fame in general. People did their jobs, why was someone being on TV cooler than someone saving lives? Still she was glad Caroline had a role model who wasn’t a fame whore.

        Still when Caroline had begged her mother to ask Cassandra to tutor her Dusk had given in. She’d been so absent lately and the guilt was very overwhelming. She’d focused on herself and on Butch becoming alpha and even trivial things like her work when she should have been giving as much of her attention as she could to the people she had given birth to and in that moment accepted responsibility for.

          Dusk’s loose fist knocked on Cassie’s door ready to ask her. She had not brought the small child along in case Cassie said no and also because she wasn’t sure how upset Cassie was about her break up with Butch. She hadn’t suspected they would last without Cassie’s commitment to Butch’s pack which she didn’t have. It was fine, no one had to be something they didn’t want to but she knew from her own son and daughters broken hearts that just because something was right and valid didn’t mean it stopped hurting.

See You || Ephramy

         Bellamy had always been one to dress appropriately since she had become a vampire. She dressed the way situations demanded and tried to fit her own details into that. But when she went to see Ephram there was no modesty in what she was wearing like the situation really called for. She should have been modest to show her guilt but Bellamy wasn’t about to paint herself the shame she felt with a long dress and some sunglasses. So she dressed as she usually would, a short dress that showed off her slender pallid legs and then some stiletto black ankle boots that gave her a bit of height. Even her make-up was done though she’d used her speed, a tack she tended to avoid because like it had now it left eyes liner and mascara done better than the other.

         His own not was a relief. She had continued to rest inside her office waiting for a reply in any medium, phone constantly connected to the charger, email constantly open all with all of her social media just in case Ephram decided to message her blog or something along those lines. But the letter was perfect and she traced each letter of his handwriting writing a few times, making sure it was real. It was like for a moment she hadn’t been able to grasp that he would be so kind in his reply. She expected rage. Rage that she was such a hypocrite and would do worse than what he had done. Granted she still wasn’t sure if he would have only kissed Cassie if she hadn’t told him no.

         Her car pulled up loudly, she’d been speeding and instantly Ephram’s dog, Asker, was rushing toward the car. She didn’t think it was because the dog liked her but purely because of the speed of the vehicle that had actually torn up a bit of grass as she spun the wheel to park. Normally she was such a good driver too. Cutting the engine immediately she bypassed the dog, door to her car open still open as her speed carried her directly to the shed door and she knocked quickly, not even allowing herself to calm. So focused in her pursuit she didn’t even notice the dog trying to climb into her car because she’d dropped an open bag of jerky on the passengers side floor that she’d been snacking on a day or so before she’d even left Ephram.

para: Infirm || Blunter

It had been a while since Blaine had seen Hunter.

Of course, the Doc was busy patching people up and helping Kurt, Blaine would never have the audacity to demand attention over more important things. But this was a tiny vessel, and not to run into each other each day was almost an impossible feat. Even if Blaine had to do maintenance and fix Serenity up a bit.

So Blaine quickly made his way over to the infimary, sprinting down the stairs from the mess to skit to a halt at the bottom. The Doc might think there was an emergency if the mechanic arrived all out-of-breath, and the last thing Blaine would want was to worry the poor man.

So after a moment of deep breaths to calm his hammering heart and his burning lungs, Blaine turned the corner, grinning as he leaned against the doorframe. “Knock knock!” he called out, waving at Hunter. “Hey Doc! Got some time for little old me?”

my broken pieces, you pick them up || april & odin

Odin runs his fingers through his hair as he heads down the street towards April’s apartment, bag of takeout food slung over his arm. They had been spending a lot of time together lately (not that he was complaining), so it wasn’t odd that he was on his way over to her place. They had gotten pretty close over the past couple of weeks, and Odin really valued her as a friend. They seemed to be on the same wavelength and had the same views about a lot of things, and he liked that. Not a lot of people understood  him, but April did. 

He arrives at April’s apartment a few minutes later, letting himself in. “April?” Odin calls out, looking around for the brunette. “I’m here.”

Narry || meeting up again

lots of stuff had changed since I had seen Niall last. he left before I got my top surgery so that would be a surprise to him. I heard the door ring and Loki start barking with Thor at it. I get up and answer the door with Alexis, I smile when I see Niall.

“Friends” // Erick & Max

Erick walked into the bar a few hours later and settled in a stool, he ordered himself a beer. He knew Max was in the closet for the way he acted when Erick touched him, but Erick had a grip on him which made Max a little more nervous and showy. He waited for the boy to get here, he ordered Max a beer too, for when he arrived. Erick would tease him and torture him for the night until Max wouldn’t be able to keep it in himself much longer. The anticipation that Erick felt was pure predatory, the chase is what he was dying to get to. His whole body shook as he waited, when he saw the boy sneak in he grinned standing up grabbing his hand pulling him into a back slapping hug. “Hey kid, missed you.” He whispered low in his ear, “Now the fun can begin.” He laughed before pulling away and sitting back down taking a swig of his beer.

short shorts

He was told to wear something to show off his legs, so he went for it and dug around the bevy of Andrew Christian gear that he’d been given since becoming a model. From fans, from the company itself and from his own spending on the site. Deciding on a bright and colourful pair that suited him, he pulled on a simple tank top after and dug his feet into a pair of his favorite converse. He felt cute, and Tig hoped that the boy that was taking him out for food also thought that he looked great. Messing around with Parker was proving to be a little addicting, and he was anxious to see him again, not for what he hoped would be the inevitable sex, but because he wanted to see him smile and kiss him and see what food he thought was perfect for Tig’s vague desires that night. Though it wasn’t the roof, he went outside to meet Parker and instantly looked for the truck because of course Parker had a truck. It suited him, and when he saw him there Tig grinned wide and waved over, making his way over to where he was and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek through the open window as the man sat in the driver’s seat. 

“Hey handsome, nice truck.”


“I’ve told you once and I’m telling you twice, I’m not interested.” Ivory dragged from her smoke, her phone straddled between her ear and shoulder, as she mindlessly flipped through the pages of her book. The idea of getting back together with her old family in some silly gang was utterly absurd. They had never depended on her help for all those years before, why would they now? All of the sudden a polaroid photograph of her and her former lover fell out of one of the pages and landed at her feet, her gaze immediately shooting to the sleeping form of her potential fiance in bed from over her shoulder. She picked up the photograph and blankly gaped at it momentarily, her eyes darkening with a new kind of determination. “On the contrary, count me in. I’ll be there in ten.”

She’d left her fiance a note before driving off to the point of destination. Nonchalantly barging into the hangout to find the group of guys sitting around the table in the living room with a shit load of cocaine. “I see you’re still living on that shit.” She scoffed in a narcissistic fashion, her arms crossing over her chest, as she leaned against the doorway. “Nothing’s changed around here, that’s for sure.”

happy hour | bella

Ella walked into the Starbucks across the street from the Art Institute, which, if she was honest, she missed very much, and ordered a latté, standing in the pickup line impatiently. She’d never been much of a waiter, but she had enough people watching to do while it rained outside. Herself, she looked kind of like a child today, wrapped up in a black and white striped raincoat, the hood up despite her being inside, and knee high red rain boots. She knew Benji might give her crap about it, but she was warm, and dry. After getting her coffee, she moved to a table near the window, watching people on the street and waiting for Benji.

unsteady + amBROse

Mikah stood just outside of his tattoo shop with his back leaned up against the wall and a burning cigarette resting between his fingers. He knew he could have waited for Marcus inside the shop but he figured staying away from a place with sharp objects was the best idea and by being outside meant at least somewhat being in public. It was safe to say that Mikah was pretty much planning for the worst and he wasn’t really sure if he was hoping for the best. The two of them weren’t the best at communicating with each other so he knew this conversation could go either way.

Raising his eyes up, he caught the familiar sight of his brother but he didn’t say anything right away as he lifted his cigarette back to his lips. He took a long drag off of it before blowing the smoke out. It was now or never he guessed. “Hey.”

Lidi & Bas || 5/5

Lidiana was pleased with the way her week was lining up so far. She had sort of gotten lost in the dance studio the past couple weeks, and she needed to branch out again, so she was happy to be seeing Sebastien tonight, and then Winter and Monte tomorrow. As soon as classes ended, she ran back to her room to straighten up her appearance, wearing skinny jeans and a loose lacy top, with her hair pulled back into a half pony. When it was time to meet Sebastien, she went to the court yard, trying her best not to look /too/ eager, but also definitely giving off a polite submissive vibe. 


An Unfillable Hole || Riley + Danny|| Private

It was odd. Never in his life, had he ever felt the need to have random sex. Well- not that he could actually recall-  Not that his body would actually allow him to remember.. But, he’d never had sex, sex for the sake of fucking- sex because he was angry, or because he was hurting.. Daniel Reid had never had sex with random people he had no intentions of dating, or being serious with.. In fact, the whole reason he was so upset at the moment, was because the boyfriend whom had dumped him for lack of “ seriousness and maturity “ - was now..seeing yet another person..

Perhaps he wasn’t over him. But it had been so many years between then and now, not that he could truly remember them.. It made him feel insane.. It drug up old feelings that he had been trying to shove down.. but for Danny- it was like it was only yesterday.. Mostly because he’d lost several years of his life, to a little thing that doctors liked to call.. self preservation.. It wasn’t the first time- and Daniel was quite afraid, it wouldn’t be the last.. 

He sat tucked back in the corner of his bed, chewing on his thumbnail as he mouthed words to himself.. A fake conversation he was having with a hypothetical Beau.. 

He was meant to be waiting for Riley to arrive.. meant to be getting ready- but the deeper he fell into his own mind, the more his eyes glazed over.. Why. Why did Beau have to do that? Why did he have to dump him? Why did he have to ..have to project his feelings on him? He was mature. He was really fucking mature- in fact, had Beau asked him, he would have told him he wanted to marry him on the spot.. Why had he just left him? Did he not love him ?? Was there something he did?

He had so..so many unanswered questions- and the only thing that seemed liek a plausible answer.. was sex.. Rough.. unbelievably angry.. sex.. And Riley was capable of that.. The topic of Riley- drew him back to reality, for what it was for him- at that moment, and Daniel shoved to his feet, padding around the dorm room, gathering a few things and setting it up so that when Riley came about, he’d be ready.. And afterwards, he settled back in bed, returning back to chewing his thumbnail in the corner of his bed, tucked beneath his blankets..

A Little Communication || Matt & Brandon

Brandon had been walking through the halls of Seattle Grace, trying to find something to do with his time while he waited for his mother to get off of work, when he spotted a certain intern lurking the halls. He had seen him working with his mother earlier in the day- ‘That has to be him’ Brandon thought to himself as he began walking toward the young man.

“Hey, Radford!?” he called out as he approached him. Thankfully his mother was no where in sight, that would make this talk a little less tense.

Bad Blood. - IvanxLucy

Buffing her hair quickly, Lucy glanced over at the clock to see that she had plenty of time. Tonight was the annual senior bonfire up and one of the football players beach houses. For the last three years Lucy had been attending with Ivan. But, this year was fairly different because she would be arriving solo. Tossing her towel on her bed, the brunette stood in front of her closet in a towel, deciding what to wear. Naturally she had to look hot for multiple reasons.

Many outfits later she decided on high waisted shorts and a crop top she had gotten when she was down in Miami this summer with Aubrey. Through her process of doing her make up, curling her hair and sitting around to waste time she checked her phone every few minutes to see if Ivan would text her. It was fifteen minutes until eight, so Lucy decided to head out for the beach house. Upon her arrival she checked her phone again to see if he had texted her yet. Nothing. Tossing her phone into her bag, Lucy sighed and got out of her car. “You need to stop. Don’t get excited over this.” She told herself as she walked around back and greeted everyone.

Sugar || Lizbram

Since her classes were slowly ending one by one, and she was nearing finals, she decided it’d be a good idea to take up a few more shifts at the bar and grill she worked at, wanting to have something to do when her classes were officially over. She instantly regretted this, of course, having forgotten just how busy it got during literally sporting event, and how poorly most of the men that came in treated her. And today Lizzie had completed an eight hour shift, and as soon as she got home, she flopped down on the couch. She felt sick to her stomach and bloated–it must have been something she ate. All she knew is she just wanted a night to relax and cuddle up to Abram, knowing he’d make her feel better no matter what. Finally getting the motivation to get back up, she kicked off her shoes and ventured into the back of the apartment, finding Abe in his little office. She grinned as she walked in, “What’re you working on, Mr. Saunders?” She said as she came over and sat right in his lap.