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Who's Graham? + CS

"Hmm?" Emma asked, swinging around in her office chair to face the desk where Killian was sorting through old paperwork.

"Graham Humbert, his name is on most of these documents."

Emma sucked in a breath: she watched as a concerned look came over Killian’s face, until she shook her head and answered, “He was sheriff, before me.”

"Oh," Killian replied, dropping the file he had and walking over to where she sat, "And he was important to you?"

Emma smiled, an unhappy smile accompanied by the smarting of tears that she knew made her eyes sparkle sadly. “Yes,” she whispered. 

Dipping down, Killian pressed a kiss to her forehead, “Then he must have been a good man. Perhaps you could tell me more about him one day?”

"Yeah," she sniffed, "I’d like that."

2 words + a ship = 5 sentences (ish)

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Omggg are you still taking prompts? Could you maybe write about Sherlock wearing his purple shirt just to see what effect it has on Molly? (Who gets a bit distracted from her work and Sherlock notices heh) Thaaank you!!

I twisted this prompt just a little bit. (NSFW, by the by. Preeeetty much from the get go.)

"Is there a reason you chose to wear that shirt today?" Her question is innocent enough, but there’s an edge to it, to her voice.


"Nothing," she says with a smile, thought she bites at her bottom lip.

"Don’t know why I’m asking to be honest. It’s pretty obvious why you’re wearing that particular shirt, anyway." There’s playfulness in her words, and she giggles. Yet she makes no attempt to further the conversation, and instead continues on with her paperwork. He swallows, drawing away from his microscope.

"I – I wasn’t wearing this shirt for any particular reason." He shifts his shoulders a little, looking back into his microscope, twiddling the knobs for no real reason aside to look busy. "Don’t be ridiculous."

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“The Moores are having a baby.”

I glanced up from the table, surprised. “They got the okay?”

My husband nodded. “The paperwork came in today, so I heard.” He lowered his eyes in sorrow. “Poor Joanna.”

“She’s only 53,” I breathed.

A bead of sweat dripped down my brow, landing on the cool, concrete floor of the bunker. I tried to remind myself to be thankful for this place, this concrete tomb, but it grew more difficult each day. Perpetuum Technologies, the company that sprung up just in time for the largest nuclear war the world had ever seen, had designed the vault to sustain one thousand people for as long as it took the surface to be inhabitable again.

Exactly one thousand people.

Poor Joanna indeed.

~Twelvesome~ by kyungshine


Amongst assignments and labs and getting lost on campus (and meeting a surprising amount of exo fans and spotting quite a few idol lookalikes…), I came across this fic that I just had to share despite it being 1:54 AM (and I have to get up at 7 AM to do paperwork for my university’s kpop club - which I am the treasurer for!). You’ll understand why I felt so compelled if you decide to read this hot mess~

[And yes, it is a ot12 twelvesome]

- Admin AB


Self, your smellfie game is not too strong today.

(Camera under my desk trying to sneak in a shot like I’m doing paperwork)


gifset requests?

I’ve been called back to the office (laame) because there was a problem with some paperwork. But I need something to do when I return.

So please leave me A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE and TOLKIEN requests. (Yes, I accept minimalist requests as well.)

"I consume roughly two pitchers of various teas a day. There comes a point between paperwork and pitcher two that I lose most of my semblance of sanity."

okay so here’s my plan for the my day:

go to ASL class at 11:40, go to my ECE class and take the quiz, get back to my room and take my online psych exam, fill out all my paperwork for my double major to send out tomorrow, email my ASL partner about our project, then finally WATCH HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON AND DRAW DRAGONS BECAUSE THAT IS ALL I WANT IN LIFE RN 

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Hi, I was just wondering if you would be so kind as to tell me what a stage manager like does? I'm sorry if that's a stupid question, but really all I know is that I listen to them and don't complain and I'm curious. Thank you so much if you are nice enough to take time to answer my question!

It’s not a stupid question at all, lots of people don’t even know what a stage manager, I appreciate the question. 

A stage manager’s job varies based on the way the theatre/director works. The stage manager is responsible for the actors, crew, tech week and paperwork. When tech is over and the production goes into show days it becomes the stage manager’s completely.

In my theatre, I have to be at auditions to get the actors ready with the necessary paperwork and whatever sides they’ll be reading from. Then I have to contact actors for call backs and/or those who’ve made the play.

After that I organize the production meetings and work with the director to set up a rehearsal schedule, then to send that to everyone. I organize a master calendar with the deadlines (when bios have to be in, when measurements need to be done for costumes, when the sound cues need to be finalized by, etc.)

Every night I write a rehearsal report and keep into contact with different department heads. I’m also responsible for knowing when we move from the rehearsal space to the theatre, which adds many more safety concerns and scheduling problems as we have to work with/around the stage techs building the set.

I’m sure there’s more. A stage manager has a ton of responsibility and there’s a lot that comes with the job.  

lolololololol all of my clients today cancelled except for my last one at 6:30pm.

guess i’ll be able to get caught up on my paperwork and stuff while I hang out.

UK Border Forces:

- ignored the documents the UK government gave my husband

-told him they (detailed directions and paperwork for appealing visa decisions and stating he has a right to make his appeal in the country) were “wrong”

-personally went through every single item in our luggage

-grilled us about non-threatening items (like extension cords and multivitamins)

-allowed him only five minutes of phone time to make arrangements

-denied him access to the documents he presented, including the ones stating he had a right to enter the UK…so he could not read them off to any legal representation he called

-denied him the right to hear the exact reasons for his denial of entrance, or speak to anyone with the qualifications and background to make those decisions

-lied to him about contacting me by phone AND attempting to find me in person

- held him in a cell for ten hours

All over a visa application to stay with me in the UK for exactly 12 months. Not to live there. Not to seek refuge. To live there, without NHS or any other public care or resources. For 12 months.

Then they sent him home without allowing him to say goodbye to me.


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Name of your muse: Giotto.

One picture you like best of your muse’s fc:


Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

  1. After he has a nightmare, he’d go and sit at his piano for a while. He usually won’t play it, because it’ll wake up the others, but after a really bad one, he can’t help but to put his fingers to the keys and play mindlessly. He doesn’t know if they mind, but no one brings it up to him. They all have their own ways of coping. (More often than not, he comes out of it to see G. in the room, going through paperwork or nursing a cup of coffee. They’ve both seen each other at their best and worst.)
  2. Giotto knows that Tsuna will be a better man than he has ever been. He was a great man, in his own right, but great does not always equal good. Tsuna will be a good man. 

Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time: 

  1. Playing piano
  2. Having tea with Elena
  3. Getting some quiet, alone time

Four people that your muse loves [Platonically, of course]: 

lalucedivongola (for all eternity) , il-primo-tempesta (in all permutations of the word), la-prima-tempesta (mostly), belle-alouette (very dearly)

Three fond childhood memories:

  1. Meeting G.
  2. Getting into trouble with G.
  3. Those days when it seems like you have all the time in the world with your precious people

Two things your muse regrets:

  1. Not dealing with Daemon.
  2. Surprisingly not the Vongola, for all that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, there were good things that came from it.
  3. Extension of 1, but what Cozart was willing to sacrifice for their friendship. Or rather, that Cozart needed to take those steps.

One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change: 

  1. This one was really hard for some reason?? But if someone had dared to lay a hand againstf his guardians/Elena, he’d do everything in his power to make them pay

Tag ten people to do the same thing:

uselessdametsuna, nogoodvongoladecimo, earthgrownshadow, marionetta-sanguinoso, vongolaneodecimo

only if you guys want/haven’t done it yet!