Happy New Year from Veronica, Oliver, and Lily (the hedgehog!)

We wanted to share a tiny little papercraft toy with all of you lovely readers! Just print out this PDF with your colour printer (cardstock or thick paper is preferable, but not necessary!) and get your scissors and glue! HOURS OF FRUSTRATING FUN.

Credit goes to Salazad, a wonderfully talented toy designer. Post interestingly-framed photos under the #Bittersweet Candy Bowl tag if you happen to make your own, we’d love to see them. Good luck in 2013!


Super stoked to finally show you Dairobo Kong and Daikumo 4! These 2 chaps are part of Paper Robots, the latest paper toy book curated by the one and only Nick Fu.

Paper Robots contains 25 robots ready to pop, glue and assemble. Really happy Kong and Kumo are featured on the cover together with an awesome design by Shin Tanaka :)

Get your hands on some Paper Robots here!