They say “Necessity is the mother of invention;” we say Paper is where ideas begin. Motivated by these two beliefs, our Paper Prompt for this week is INVENTION.

Invention is creating connections where they didn’t exist before; it’s the manifestation of what we imagine and the plans we make. It can be new or something improved; it can be simple, complex, elegant, mundane.

Whatever idea you might have brewing, put it on Paper and make it tangible this week. Be sure to include the tag #PAPERPROMPTS so we can search for it. We’ll feature our favorite inventions next Monday.

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“An idea of a simple ipad dock that combines 4 positions” and “Wood Chair design” by idrawamazingthings on Tumblr

I was experimenting with Paper the other day and discovered that you can draw against a dark background with the colored pencil tool. The effect is similar to chalk or pastel and the colors have an almost fluorescent glow.

I’m still working on the drawing I started but thought I’d quickly share these tips to see what people can create with them.

If you find these tips useful and create something you’d like to share, please tag with #qwertyphd and I will reblog it.

Made With Paper

We had to do a double take when we saw this. The possibilities with Paper are endless, including hyperrealistic recreations of hummingbirds by Acosta Images! We’re constantly blown away.

In case you missed the news, we’re looking for your creations inspired by the words “Extra Ordinary” this weekend. Tag what you make with #paperprompts so we can search for it. We’ll feature our favorites on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone! Keep creating.

P.S. Thanks to Matthewgram for saying it like it is: Oh my lord. This is stunning. SOMEONE DREW THIS ON AN iPAD.


Before there was photography, gourmands relied on recipes and illustrations to share what they made, ate and craved.

Inspired by “Tagliatelle carbonara illustrated." by Christina Wodtke and a strawberry still life by Rames & Paper, the creative prompt for this week is BON APPETIT.

Show us what’s cookin’, visualize a recipe or simply share what "good appetite” means to you. Be sure to include the tag #PAPERPROMPTS so we can search for it. We’ll feature our favorites next week.

As self-proclaimed food lovers… we can’t wait.

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