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우리 베이뷔 여러분 늘 고맙고 앞으로도 많이 표현할께요 예쁨만 받고 자라서 그런지 오늘 3주년, 내 눈에 뵈는 게 없네 이거 큰일이구려-__-허헣호훟흐미

I am always thankful to our Babys and from now on I’ll express it more. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown getting nothing but love, but the 3rd year anniversary there is nothing else that I can see with my eyes (tn: it’s like he’s saying there’s nothing that’s stopping him from doing smth) this is a problem. Huhoho oh my.

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Let’s go for a long time my Baby ;)

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