Heres a sneaky peek at some of my new companies “HJEM” papergood’s, stylish xmas range printed on beautiful sustainably sourced stock, comes with a recycled paper envelope & packaged in a biodegradable renewably sourced corn-starch clear bag … Coming to the myhjem.com shop soon !!!

Sorry not my normal photo blogging, a bit of self-promo but wanted to share them with you :) hope you like !!

etsy find of the day 5 | 12.11.13

pattern & postcard 2014 calendar by stationeryboutique

can’t think of a clever little gift for your office co-worker? how about a new 2014 calendar? this one features trendy patterns on sheets that become postcards — that way, you can reuse each month’s pretty patterned piece! how cool is that?! i know i’d love one for my desk :)