Daniel Lai, aka Kenjio‘s Series of ‘‘ Thinker ‘‘  Book  Sculptures

I often write my experiences in a journal but find it inadequate to convey how I truly feel.  So, I translate the paragraphs to a visual form that is three dimensional, simplistic, and often relatable to many.  My sculpture series is a three-dimensional journal that conveys snippets of my emotions and feelings toward life; and the themes of this series often touch upon knowledge and contemplation.  I call these sculptures “three dimensional hieroglyphs of my experiences.” Often times, the true meaning of text and words are just beneath that thin layer of their lexical meaning. In other words, we live in a metaphorical world. Three dimensional representation of my experience transcends the boundary of words.

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We were sitting in line for Record Store Day at Amoeba in LA since about 4:45 am this morning. I sketched some stuffs and annoyed the hell out of my boyfriend with my babbling :3

Had a great day! We got everything on his list, and even ran into brainfarto and internetwhiteknight! I was able to score a sweet Goldfrapp vinyl for them– #22 of a limited pressing :)

Aww yeah :D



So I finally got back to pencil sketching it’s only been like…. forever….. Damn my tablet. But there is just something you can’t get on digital. It was just like a wake up call of wow, I remember why I loved this so much! Mostly thanks to my boyfriend who bought me a NEoLucinda for my birthday last month and it inspired me to start pencil drawing again, even though I haven’t had a chance to use it yet… -_- grrrr…… But It DID lead me to a brand new art store in my town and WOW do they have everything and then some! 

And GODDAM look at that hair! I started to get worried I’d gotten in over my head but NOOOO No I didn NOT I had so much fun with it! And I think it looks pretty fricken awesome too!