Under the night, somewhere
between the white that is nothing so much as
blue, and the black that is, finally; nothing,
I am the man neither of you remembers.
Shielding, in the half-dark,
the blue eyes I sometimes forget
I don’t have. Pulling my own stoop-
shouldered kind of blues across paper.
Apparently misinformed about the rumored
stuff of dreams: everywhere I inquired,
I was told look for blue.
—  Carl Philips, closing strophe to “Blue,” Blood (University Press of New England, 1992)

DIY Crafting Paper Napkin Tutorial

Napkins are always great to have around your house. They come in really handy for any type of dinner, special event, birthday or whatever type of party you are having. So why not design your own napkin with this great DIY Crafting Paper Napkin Tutorial. This tutorial will turn a regular napkin into something really special. Give it a shot.

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