Are you ready for more DIY snowflake geekery? Symmetry magazine just posted three awesome designs for paper snowflakes depicting Nobel physicists Erwin Schrödinger (complete with paradoxical cats), Marie Curie, and Albert Einstein.

Click here to download PDF patterns for each of these snowflakes. Then you simply print them out, follow the folding instructions, and then use an X-Acto knife to cute out the gray areas. Unfold your pieces of paper and - voila! - sciencetastic snowflakes.

Click here for an entertaining video tutorial.

Then you can use your new physicist snowflakes make it snow on your Great Scientist Finger Puppets.

[via Mental_Floss]

Handmade Paper Flowers

Next time you plan on wrapping a gift or giving a card to someone, why not add some handmade paper flowers for some added personal touch? These gorgeous handcrafted paper flowers not only look beautiful but takes your gift or card to another level. Once you get a hang on making the petals, you’ll be crafting a bunch of flowers to add to all gifts! Give it a try!

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