conrad: YOU DREW THAT ONE!!!! 
worth: are you sure man 
worth: thats the spooky thing about penis ouija you can never be sure who did the dicks 
worth: was it you or me or maybe a ghoooost??? 

#gif #epilepsy

Jesus fucking Christ just piss all over yourself Harry just drown in piss you aren’t worth the magic it would take to fix this minor problem

ok but super gross fluxy nano is important to me

gross ass magic boils hellll yeah

i was having trouble on the other picture i was drawing for yog lady week so i painted this instead whoosp

#body horror #gross


i havent seen wander over yonder but i do follow some artists who post a lot about it so i think ive got a pretty good grasp on the characters

jacks suggested i would be…………………………..slime man

and i got way too excited over the idea of drawing myself as a cute slime so


i wish i lived on the kind of level where gang bangs sufficed. that’ll do pigs. that’ll do.

dude im pretty sure this isnt what your romance novels meant by giving someone your he-ok youre just gonna go ahead with that. ok. Ok.

#guro #blood

jacks said if me, her n james were an lp group, i would be the honeydew of the group

inconvenient, loud, constantly giving everyone heart attacks with my complete lack of attention to safety and gung ho attitude



shes not wrong

thinkin about spectrum slides and like

what if brainy hadnt transitioned via magic/had actually identified as female

its… its honestly no different no matter what gender brainy is a huge fuckin dickhead with floofy hair and a shitty attitude


lineart completed… now i just gotta colour!!  since he’s an ares goatling, i tried to make him look a bit more like a ~noble war goat~

actually, even the flowers mean war.. the language of flowers is an interesting beastie


todays fun two am au: straight up evil witch town. just takin papas whole “sometimes i do really terrible things with magic and brush it off as no biggie like making someone think all their friends are dead because of them to give them the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT” and just running with it. just deciding yes, this is what i gotta run with. this is what i wanna do with my life. its very awful and illegal. clumsy doesnt think any of this is a good idea