I’m so grateful for my sister @paparoxi who trained with me today! We survived a hard day…including a huge black bear sighting that scared me into big, hysterical tears. It was absolutely terrifying in the moment but we’ve been cracking up about it all afternoon. God covered us!! We will never forget this day, that’s for sure!! #triathlon #triathlete #ironman #paparoxi

It’s hard to embrace the idea that living a godly purposeful life means to slow down. Our society values the multitasker, we are doing a million things at light speed pace. While we produce outcomes we lose ourselves in the process. Church was so convicting today because it reminded me that God is not a microwave God he doesn’t work within the allotted time we give him. The important things of God are found in silence, solitude and slowing down. This week has been a world wind for me and I know God’s will is not for me to be this busy. Reflecting and smiling today about a more purposeful and restful future in my life! #peace #purpose #God #faith #HappySunday #paparoxi

Sometimes I get in moods where I only want to eat the same thing every day. For instance since going raw vegan in August I’ve only had pineapple banana smoothies every day for breakfast since then #whymessupagoodthing for the last 4 days I’ve had English cucumber noodles, zuchinni noodles, tomato, mushroom and sunflower seeds … Let’s see how long this last! #creatureofhabit #yumm #soooogood #delicious #ivedranktheRawVegankoolaide #foodie #paparoxi