I’m so grateful for my sister @paparoxi who trained with me today! We survived a hard day…including a huge black bear sighting that scared me into big, hysterical tears. It was absolutely terrifying in the moment but we’ve been cracking up about it all afternoon. God covered us!! We will never forget this day, that’s for sure!! #triathlon #triathlete #ironman #paparoxi

This smile is brought to you by the baby hair that formed under my afro and just came out of hiding when I pineappled (verb) my hair to wash my face. This message is brought to you by the Baby Hair Lobby #ilovebabyhair #naturallyformed #strategicallyplaced #hairmiracles #80sbabytriedandtrue #naturalhair #bedtimeroutine #afro #paparoxi

#5amclub The path less followed Psalm 119:1-8 MSG There is a huge stereotype within in world culture that christians are these dry, religious people that have all these rules and absolutely no fun. To be honest that probably was the case for me growing up because I had no concept of freedom in Christ and I just outwardly followed rules and christian cultural norms to fit in with everyone else; even though behind closed doors it was something else. Relationship with Jesus produces freedom, because instead of looking toward people as our moral barometer, the Holy Spirit becomes our guide convicting us, leading us and showing us how to live. For me the stereotype got obliterated and in fact I believe its a flat out lie. My life has become extremely adventurous with the leading of the Holy Spirit, I am constantly engaging in a personal way with people I probably would’ve never known because I would have been to “busy” trying to live an interesting life on my own; my creativity skyrocketed because I was serving the ultimate creative genius who thought of sunsets and hand picked the variations of wildlife and flowers; I traveled more and everyday life became more like a missions trip because I never know what crazy amazing thing the Holy Spirit will ask me to do because that is what he does. My wisdom grew leaps and bounds, I can see beauty in the most regular things. I share all this so you can break your own stereotype too and follow the road less traveled. Don’t be content with someone else’s testimony of God, go find him for yourself! #freedom #pathlessfollowed #Joy #adventure #serving #Love #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #5amclub #paparoxi

One of the ways I deal with veggies and fruits that are a little more ripe then I would like is I dehydrate them and make a delicious snack. I got this dehydrator for $30 on amazon the brand is presto. Tonight I am dehydrating for about 4 hours some apples and bananas. You can dehydrate for as long as you’d like depending on your desired texture, just check it every so often. I hate to waste so between freezing, dehydrating and juicing I rarely ever have to #quicktip #healthyliving #paparoxi #paparoxieats #rawvegan #rawonthego #vegan #fruitsmakemedance