I’m so grateful for my sister @paparoxi who trained with me today! We survived a hard day…including a huge black bear sighting that scared me into big, hysterical tears. It was absolutely terrifying in the moment but we’ve been cracking up about it all afternoon. God covered us!! We will never forget this day, that’s for sure!! #triathlon #triathlete #ironman #paparoxi

One of the most life affirming things I got to do in India was teach a group of women from the community about healthy nutrition for themselves and their family and tie that into a healthy spiritual walk. I had less than a day to prepare the lesson, but God has literally been preparing me for that talk my whole life. It was such a beautiful experience and the women were so grateful for everything they learned. It was a huge confirmation from God that I am on the right path. #indiatidbit #travel #mission #service #growth #gratitude #lifeisajourney #paparoxi

#5AMClub turned up my workout this morning did 4 miles in 34 minutes. Then shoulders, triceps and chest. Something about being on the path to Ironman put an extra pep in my step. Go sweat today!!!! #latergram #fitness #motivation #fun #gym #athlete #triathlete #marathoner #marathontraining #ironmantraining #fitinspiration #fitchics #finishstrong #paparoxi

So I get a bunch of questions about my hair and so I wanted to share. I wear my hair with these type of curls now in the colder months because it is too cold to do a wash and go, and plus I save alot of time trying to rewet and put in more product and this style has lasted me up to 3 weeks or more. So basically after I wash/condition my hair I let it air dry and then I use wrapping foam and rollers to set my hair. I sit under the dryer for 35-40 mins I have a bonnet dryer so its quicker (golden hot bonnet dryer) after that I moisturize with some coconut oil or karen’s body beautiful super duper hydrating cream and put about 8 large flexi rods in before bed. 

To maintain the style I put my hair up in a pineapple every night if the curls are looking a little crazy or dry then I will put 8 flexi rods in before bed. I separate the curls in the morning with coconut oil to keep them shinny. If I am going straight to the gym then I follow my gym routine.

For the Gym: I put my hair and a tight pony tail and put something around my hairline to keep it dry (sweat band, bandanna or saveyourdo wrap). After I work out I take my hair down and shake it out I put coconut oil throughout my hair and then I finger comb any curls that got messed up by wrapping them around my finger and re-curling them. The crown of my hair is a little damp and it drys throughout the day. This takes about 5 minutes. When I am working out heavy like I am now I wash my hair weekly and b/c I swim twice a week. 

whew…sorry for the long post but I got alot of questions so I hope this helps! Have a great day. 

The color/cut is all @jayhairbigga she’s a beast!

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