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Have you heard of the reply privately button. And by the looks of it you should spend more time replying to people asking for help then people who aren't. "Sorry for the late reply I'm just having ago at people online and to busy for your animal rn"

All of the admins have other things going on in their lives. We don’t spend every waking minute of every day online. Anyways, maybe if you just got off your high horse and did a little research I’d have more time to answer their questions :)

papaandhisprincess-deactivated2 said:

Well I don't need to prove anything to some one on the internet. Have fun giving useless advice to people who don't ask for it.

Maybe if you actually did your research before getting a pet, you’d know that our advice is spot on and you’re being a very reckless reptile owner by completely disregarding it. When someone tells you you’re endangering your pets life, and you ignore it, what you’re doing turns into animal neglect.

Do your research. Google “sand bearded dragon” and read a few pages. It will take you 5 minutes to realize sand is NOT a good substrate and solid substrates like tiles, newspaper, reptile carpet etc are much better choices. Not to mention they’re hundreds of dollars cheaper (x)

papaandhisprincess-deactivated2 said:

Maybe if you understand that I am more than qualified to know what is best for animals, especially my own animals you wouldn't be a jerk? Nbf but I saved my beardies life tube feeding him, I'm not going to put him in danger. On top of that I have owned reptiles my whole life, grew up raising them and even qualified the highest in my college for animal management so before you go running your mouth, and ruining peoples posts with your dribble. Think. Inbox people, or keep your mouth closed.

Again, it’s the internet. You made a decision to post something knowing that anyone could reblog it and add whatever they want to it.

No, you need to put your pride aside and listen to advice and do some research. The only issue here is your pride and thinking you’re above the dangers presented by sand because you tube fed your lizard. Congrats! I’ve syringe fed my beardie too. It doesn’t suddenly make you right. Here’s some great links for you to start with for your much needed research. 12 ,3