FUCK YES!  If you see a dude in a varsity jacket and a pig/rooster/wolf mask, grab me cause those masks have terrible lines of sight.  Like… every guard in a MGS game can see better than I will.

Try not to have another cursed flight out?  No repeats of 2011.  I don’t know if I can handle seeing Dan half naked on a projection screen via skype again.

DVac and Grasslamb plan a Pokemon Wedding
  • GrassLamb:Dvac, I think we need to plan Panzer's wedding.
  • Devious Vacuum:lol omg
  • Devious Vacuum:worst wedding or best wedding
  • GrassLamb:Both.
  • Devious Vacuum:YES
  • GrassLamb:I will fly from MA and do this.
  • GrassLamb:Bridezilla without the bride.
  • Devious Vacuum:I told her I'd fly up there to help her pick a dress
  • Devious Vacuum:lol we just go around being bitchy and making all the decisions
  • Devious Vacuum:Panzer Force
  • GrassLamb:Like Team Flare minus the posing?
  • Devious Vacuum:um I think you mean WITH ADDITIONAL POSING
  • GrassLamb:YES.
  • Devious Vacuum:I need to find a red and or white suit
  • GrassLamb:I need to wear heels so I can be tall enough to wear one.
  • Devious Vacuum:of course, this is Team Flare after all
  • Devious Vacuum:idk how to make flame pigtails though
  • GrassLamb:Team Flare wedding.
  • Devious Vacuum:YES
  • Devious Vacuum:wedding cake has the X/Y legendaries on top
  • GrassLamb:The Pastor can be the Professor, which we could force Ragny to do since he's french.
  • Devious Vacuum:yes omg
  • Devious Vacuum:who wouldn't want to be married by Professor Sycamore
  • GrassLamb:Marry or sleep with?
  • Devious Vacuum:I mean either really
  • Devious Vacuum:Sycamore is also at the bachelorette party
  • GrassLamb:Strippermore.
  • Devious Vacuum:"Allo ladies, do you want to zee my pokeballs?"
  • Devious Vacuum:this is great idea and totally not awkward at all
  • GrassLamb:Let me teach you a lesson in the french way of Poke-Aime.
  • Devious Vacuum:Panzer's dress = Diantha's costume
  • GrassLamb:Who would Bees be?
  • Devious Vacuum:he can just wear a suit because he's a man in a wedding so who cares
  • GrassLamb:No Dvac, it's all or nonething.
  • Devious Vacuum:HMMM ok
  • GrassLamb:Lysander?
  • Devious Vacuum:yes plz
  • Devious Vacuum:just for the hair
  • GrassLamb:We can dress Cassie up as a Pyroar.
  • Devious Vacuum:hahaha
  • Devious Vacuum:or Gyrados
  • Devious Vacuum:just like a little hat with a Gyrados tail that goes down her back
  • GrassLamb:Or that dog poke.
  • GrassLamb:Wait, I got it!
  • GrassLamb:
  • Devious Vacuum:"do you have the rings?"
  • Devious Vacuum:*rings are literally Mega Evolution wristbands*
  • GrassLamb:YES!
  • Devious Vacuum:omg that poke
  • Devious Vacuum:that is an amazing poke
  • GrassLamb:We are the best wedding planners ever.
  • Devious Vacuum:yes
  • Devious Vacuum:so then all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are gym leaders
  • GrassLamb:That's a lot of gym leaders.
  • Devious Vacuum:there are a lot of gym leaders!
  • Devious Vacuum:let's imagine 3 on each side
  • GrassLamb:One has to be dragon so they can wear a cape.
  • Devious Vacuum:that's you, you're the dragon lady from the elite four
  • Devious Vacuum:I will be the fairy lady
  • GrassLamb:Oh god yes.
  • GrassLamb:Please tell Panzer about this ASAP.
  • Devious Vacuum:lol
  • GrassLamb:She may or may not hate us.
  • Paul The Red-Nosed Ragny:What's a fonzi?
  • Panzer Santa ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ:like henry winkler from happy days?
  • Paul The Red-Nosed Ragny:Let me ask
  • Paul The Red-Nosed Ragny:Probably, they're not telling me
  • Panzer Santa ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ:any context you wanna give me here?
  • Paul The Red-Nosed Ragny:They told me I was a Fonzi
  • Paul The Red-Nosed Ragny:In the hats game
  • Panzer Santa ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ:fonzi is a cool guy
  • Panzer Santa ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ:he punches the jukebox and it works again
  • Paul The Red-Nosed Ragny:ok thanks
  • Oatmeal Raisin:man you're gonna be so mad at me when i buy beyond two souls instead of rf4
  • Panzer Spook:omfg
  • Panzer Spook:are you gonna combo
  • Panzer Spook:(X) PEE
  • Panzer Spook:( [ ] ) POOP
  • Panzer Spook:( /_\ ) COMBO
  • Oatmeal Raisin:i think i'll just not go to the can
  • Panzer Spook:you know curiosity is going to overwhelm you
  • Oatmeal Raisin:i'm... i'm gonna try ;.;
  • Panzer Spook:I know at some point
  • Panzer Spook:alone in your house
  • Panzer Spook:with the lights down low
  • Panzer Spook:you're gonna see that bathroom sign
  • Panzer Spook:and the thought is gonna occur to you
  • Panzer Spook:if this whole game was done in mocap, what goes on in there
  • Panzer Spook:and you're gonna go in
  • Oatmeal Raisin:"maybe... maybe just one combo. panzer doesn't have to find out"
  • Panzer Spook:what does the combo button do?
  • Panzer Spook:are you going to find out a mystery about women
  • Panzer Spook:our special body function
  • Panzer Spook:that is neither pee nor poop
  • Panzer Spook:but is merely combo
  • Oatmeal Raisin:ahahahaha fuck i'm dying
  • Panzer Spook:hahahahaha
  • Oatmeal Raisin:i... i don't think i want to investigate lady secrets
  • Panzer Spook:F O R B I D D E N C O M B O
  • Oatmeal Raisin:C H A O S R E I G N S
  • Panzer Spook:im crying at my desk
Ballad of the Ladywagon
  • Ballad of the Ladywagon
  • Skippy Granola
  • Streaming's Greatest Hits

Skippy Granola wrote and performed this amazing song about tonight’s stream. Please enjoy. Lyrics are under the cut.

(Album art by Demonia)


 The Ballad of the Ladywagon


Sit your asses down and listen to the tale of a fateful wagon trip

Beset by grave misfortune nowhere near the mississip’

A mile out side of independence poor Panzer froze to death

Literally fifteen feet down the road baby Madi drew her last breath

Gunsmith and a baby and no god damn sense of direction

From this wagon full of ladies ol’ man reaper is collectin’

Strike the trail and fuck the oxen

This wagon hasn’t got no cocks in

But one thing I know is these ladies are all boned

Unperturbed by albatrosses wearin’ skirts, the train put the girls in charge

When an ox rebelled and broke its yoke, and roamed about at large

Kasemoch gave chase and wandered off and was never seen again

Morale was low, the chicks were sick, it was sure to be the end

Gunsmith and a baby and no god damn sense of direction

From this wagon full of ladies ol’ man reaper is collectin’

Strike the trail and fuck the oxen

This wagon hasn’t got no cocks in

But one thing I know is these ladies are all boned

When the wagon tipped the team suffered a devastating loss

Grasslamb drowned, D-VAC got sick and they never got across

To their chagrin the team discovered they’d lost a precious clock

Around this time this run of bad luck wasn’t much of a shock

Gunsmith and a baby and no god damn sense of direction

From this wagon full of ladies ol’ man reaper is collectin’

Strike the trail and fuck the oxen

This wagon hasn’t got no cocks in

But one thing I know is these ladies are all boned

Against all odds the Californians spied a real confusing sight

A naked woman and her robot rode in overnight

Half crazed and starved and telling tales of terror and of shock

Driving four gross zombie oxen and a pair of ticking clocks

anonymous asked:

Have you thought about streaming Recettear? It's anime as shit and on sale and good for laughs.

Panzer Skank: “it’s anime as fuck”

Panzer Skank: sounds like a plus

Skippy Granola: I have recettear…

Panzer Skank: wanna stream it for AN ANONYMOUS FAN?

Skippy Granola: Sigh

Skippy Granola: Yeah

Skippy Granola: I think I do

Panzer Skank: aces

Panzer x Ouya OTP by Grasslamb

Ouya burst in to the door to Panzer’s bedroom with his long blue anime hair blowing in the wind weilding an hanzo steel katana. Panzer would let out a dramatic gasp as he knew that her true hero had come to save her from the evil, evil PS3.
“ Ouya-Senpai!” She squealed. “ Save me from this evil, evil man! I know your clearly better system would come and whisk me away in your 6-pack bod!” The system would then cut down the PS3 and it’s goons, then whisked her away in to the cherry blossom sunset.