bryanchoppertagteam said:

It should be a human/people thing/problem. You know what im saying? I will say I have at the very least heard guys shamed for their cosplays not being "acurate enough" or them being to fat or skinny to cosplay certain characters.>


You are literally doing what was making me so upset in the first place, a women can’t speak up about sexist injustices she faces without men trying to tell me how I should deal with my experiences, and erasing the fact that they are unique to women. But if I went into discussions about the supposed simple-ness of male costumes and said it shouldn’t be a guy thing I would get yelled at for derailing.

I’m sure plenty of fat male cosplayers get shit on the internet, but the window of what is considered “fat” is much wider for women.

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Thats mostly untrue I also want to watch adventure time play l4d, movies, go on photo shoots, go to concerts take you out and eat pizza with you. The thing the last annon said is very small part of what I'd like to do with you and its not nessesary

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Actually you can still get any costume contacts you want they just don't have stigmitizam or what ever correction, I'm just starting to use contacts and my aunt who is an optometrist was talking about that when I asked her, I don't know how expensive they are though. If you can see decent without glasses it might be better just to buy the cheaper one time use contacts from a costume shop especially if you need multiple colors.

! Ooh, I see. So if you wear them for just cosmetic purposes, they just need to fit your eyes and don’t need to correct anything? I think that’s what you meant. I’ll definitely check up on it, thanks for telling me! c:

Also I have like a 6.0 [we call them sixth degree of close vision in my language, but aye dunno if it’s a plus or minus here lolol.], so I’m pretty much blind without glasses.

…I-I have no regrets reading all those books in the dark as a kid, though!