“In Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes (Ἄργος Πανόπτης) or Argos, guardian of the heifer-nymph Io and son of Arestor, was a primordial giant whose epithet "Panoptes”, “all-seeing”, led to his being described with multiple, often one hundred, eyes.
In the 5th century and later, Argus’ wakeful alertness was explained for an increasingly literal culture as his having so many eyes that only a few of the eyes would sleep at a time: there were always eyes still awake.“ - Wikipedia

Instead of dots I used three pairs of eyes to create each braille character. The open eyes took the place of the dots and the closed eyes fill the usually empty space in the Braille cell. The Braille text reads ‘Argus’ with his epithet 'Panoptes’ in Greek letters right under the Braille Text.
Snapshot Oxford

Yesterday, during the annual Zooniverse team meeting we had a workshop on building projects on our new, open infrastructure (Panoptes), which will enable anyone to create their own citizen science project on the Zooniverse platform.

It only took a few minutes for Chris Lintott to create this test project for marking features on faces of Zooniverse employees (yes, that is my face). We will be…

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The original is a large ink painting. I had it made into a printing screen as well and have been making prints on paper, and, maybe for the most exciting part, cool prints on T-shirts! I will make a proper post about the t-shirts after I take a picture of them at home, but I will be selling them for £20 a piece for a hand printed, good quality T-shirt.


“Ever notice how when you’re hanging out with someone, you’re not only hanging out with a body but also with a history. Ever felt it too?

Like you’re walking down the sidewalk alongside this field of planted experiences; memories of childhood, first kisses, love, tragedy, heartbreak, heartmend, epic wins and epic failures. So much personal history at your disposal just at arm’s length.
And you can tap and trigger these memories through conversation.
Some blossom like a flower.
Some explode like a mine.

And soon the totality of the field next to you begins to expand once you realize that you yourself are dropping seeds into that soil. You’re like a fleet of Maple leaves hovering swiftly across. And then you begin to wonder what kind of seeds you’re dropping. Will they flower or explode?” —Pancho Panoptes 

painting by Meagan Howland


Panoptic is back and we are back with a bang! I’m proud of us all.

“Panoptic land – like the creation of a system of disciplinary surveillance that creates “docile bodies,” as diagnosed by Michel Foucault – is a land broken down, individuated, and rearranged in order that it become more obedient and useful… . The land becomes subject to an overseeing panoptic principle of efficiency [the installment of a general economy of land administered from above, by a centralizing agricultural and political authority]… . [T]his disciplinarity implements heavy restraints on the land by diminishing “errant” forces (less productive Common land,  … the multitude of commoners and vagrants seen as a threat by the nation-state) to maintain political obedience. By bringing together an increase of production with a simultaneous decrease of so-called errant movement, panoptic land couples an “increased aptitude” with an “increased domination.” [Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison, trans. Alan Sheridan (Vintage Books, 1979)]

Robert P. Marzec, An Ecological and Postcolonial Study of Literature, From Daniel Defoe to Salman Rushdie, pg.53 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)

i went outside for a while today
  • 1:46 PM: update: bees too tolerant of my presence, attempted to sit in hair

diamonddragon21 asked:

What's your favorite infinite turn combo? Mine is definitely isochron scepter with last chance and sundial of the infinite.

It’s not exactly subtle, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Panoptic Mirror with an extra turn effect.


Hey there to potential readers,

I’m Lex (FKA Alexa). Here are a few narcissistic blurbs about me:

I’m an interracial semi-militant feminist that’s often too socially anxious to call people out for their problematic behaviour – I’m a tumblr cliché, essentially.

I just finished my second year in Media, Information, and Technoculture at UWO, which has basically made me inclined to praising Marxist ideology and doodling panoptical third eyes in all my workbooks.

Considering my present obsession with subverting the capitalist ideals of Western society, you’d think I was one of those cool high-school misfits you were slightly intimidated to talk to – nope, I was an over-achieving IB nerd with dreams of being an investment banker on Wall Street.

I mean, I obviously still want money y’all – your girl’s gotta live. But the hope is to get paid while transforming the advertising industry into a platform that actually provides proper representation and addresses intersectional issues (no biggie).

Just a heads up—my writing tends to be riddled with run-on sentences, so watch out for that and save your grammatical criticisms. Peace and blessings.

Here’s a tune:

Willow Smith – Female Energy (

She and her brother are on a whole ‘nother level that I can only hope to achieve. 

people are always saying that reading the original little mermaid by andersen “destroys their childhood” because she kind of dies in the end. that’s weird. in andersen, she doesn’t just want the prince to love her. she is soulless and wants an immortal soul, which she can obtain by being loved. the story says, “her heart … dreamed of mortal happiness and of an immortal soul”. (don’t we all?) and so if we suppose that her telos is not as much love as it is cosmic transcendence obtained through the act of love, it’d be weird to say that it’s tragic. she basically becomes a cloud with creeper panoptic powers, and when she sees the prince and his wife, she kisses them on the fuckin forehead like she’s so over it, was like “screw your legs”, and just flies away.

i said i was going to talk about a different oc so heres a chat about publius. ty dont get excited its literally all the boring stuff about him that u already know. ill talk about publius in his Prime in another post because this one is 1100 words :~( edit: oh god i forgot im sorry warning 4 suicide talk

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falls asleep for an hour

has a dream that I meet a rag-tag group of creatures/robots in a panoptical post-future war society under a corrupt government and we fix up an old Church to run and make it our new home.