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Opens Thurs, July 5, 6-9p:

Love Me Till It Hurts
 Panni Malekzadeh

Freight + Volume, 530 W24th St., NYC

Panni Malekzadeh makes beautiful, complicated portraits of contemporary Persian women coming of age. What age, exactly, they are coming into is not entirely clear. The young women she depicts, mostly based on her close friends and family, are clothed in elaborate period-piece costumes, as though they suddenly woke up in a strange land and time, and are seeking clues and clarity to their sexual and cultural identity. They appear filled with an abundant mixture of embarrassment, sexual hunger, shame, confusion, delight and dread. In addition to the portraits, Panni presents a series of pink dollhouses in an antique-wallpapered “bedroom” setting in which to view the work.  - thru Aug 11