Daft Punk fic- 'Pregnant'

Pairing: Thomas/Guy

Summary: Thomas and Guy feel that the time is finally right for them to have a baby.

Warnings: Mpreg, explicit sex. Mentions of miscarriage.

Era: Human After All

Note: This is set in a world where men can get pregnant and male pregnancy is the norm. Not really going into the science of it, just suspend your disbelief… 


Guy had a pregnancy scare when he was twenty years old.

He held the little white stick in his trembling hand, trying not to vomit, and tried to convince himself that the small pink cross was some kind of mistake. He couldn’t be pregnant. He and Thomas were always so careful when it came to sex; they always used a condom, and Guy always remembered to take his birth control pills-


He thought back to a couple of weeks ago when they’d been doing a set at a club, and he’d had way too much to drink. He’d thrown up in the alleyway outside, and Thomas practically had to carry him home. They’d had sex the next morning.

Another three tests confirmed the same thing- Guy was pregnant.

He threw the sticks at the wall with a cry of “Fuck!”, and ran his hands through his hair, heart racing. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t have a baby now. He and Thomas were just starting out as Daft Punk, and it seemed like they really had a shot in this industry. There’s no way they could do it with a baby on the side. Besides, he had no idea how to even look after a baby, and he doubted Thomas did either, considering he was still a teenager…

So many questions were running through his mind. How would Thomas react? How would his parents react? Where would the baby sleep? Who would look after it when they were playing gigs?

As it turned out, Thomas was a lot calmer about the whole thing than Guy was.

"It’s gonna be okay," Thomas said firmly, pulling the shorter man into a hug. "We’ll figure it out."

"How, Thomas?" Guy choked, sniffling and wiping away tears. "How the fuck is this gonna be okay? What are we gonna do about Daft Punk?"

"We’ll figure it out," Thomas repeated, squeezing his boyfriend tighter. "I’ll be with you for the whole thing. You won’t be alone."

Being alone hadn’t even crossed his mind. The only thing he had been certain of was that Thomas would support him and help him. He was more worried about what his parents would think.

In the end he never had to worry about telling them. He woke up a week later with blood on the sheets and a sharp pain in his stomach, and a visit to the doctor later confirmed he’d miscarried.

Guy never understood why he felt so sad about losing something he didn’t even want in the first place.


It wasn’t until years later that Guy gave another thought to what it might be like to have a child.

They were lying in bed together one night when Thomas rolled over to face him, brown eyes shining and a sleepy smile on his face. “We should have a baby.”

“Mm?” Guy was too tired to give a proper reply.

“Yeah,” Thomas said, sounding a little more awake. “It’s the perfect time. We’ve finished the album now, so we can afford to take a bit of a break.”

Guy shifted closer to his husband in response to the seriousness of his tone. “You’ve been thinking about this for a while, haven’t you?”

Thomas swallowed. “Yeah. Yeah, I have. I’ve been thinking about it since we got married actually. We’ve just always had stuff going on since then, you know, too many projects to focus on. But now everything we’ve been working on has been wrapped up, so we have time to focus on starting a family. You…you still want kids, don’t you, Guy-Man?”

Guy lifted a hand to stroke the taller man’s face. His chest filled with warmth as he imagined a little Thomas running around, curls in disarray, with a toothy grin and gangly limbs. Thomas was right; this was a good time to have a kid. Guy was thirty, Thomas was twenty-nine. They were the right age, they had a house, all their projects were finished for the time being, they were financially secure. They were ready. Their circumstances were very different to ten years ago.

“Yeah,” Guy replied gently. “I want a family. I want a family with you.” He tangled their legs together. “I think you’re right. This is as good a time as any for us to do it.”

Thomas’ smile widened. “Yeah?” The excitement was evident in his voice. “So…what? We’re trying for a baby?”

“We’re trying for a baby,” Guy confirmed, feeling a smile creep onto his own face.

As Thomas leaned in to give the shorter man a kiss, Guy felt his heart flutter with anticipation and excitement. Excitement for Thomas, because he was going to be a wonderful father. And excitement for himself, because the idea of having a baby with Thomas was something he’d been thinking about for the last ten years.


Trying for a baby turned out to be more complicated than Guy first thought.

At first, they just went for it the old fashioned way; Guy came off his contraceptive pills, and Thomas didn’t wear a condom. Guy honestly thought that’d do the trick. One night of sex and, bam, he’d be pregnant. 

When Thomas entered him, the sensation was incredible. They’d never had sex without a condom before, and although it was slightly odd not to feel that rubber barrier inside him, Guy felt closer to his husband than ever. When Thomas shuddered and orgasmed, the feeling of cum trickling out of Guy’s ass was a little uncomfortable, but then he remembered that tonight Thomas’ cum was serving a purpose; it wasn’t just a sticky nuisance.

So Guy was rather surprised when he took a pregnancy test a few days later and it came back negative.

“Don’t worry,” Thomas said when Guy told him, pulling his husband into a hug. “Sometimes it takes a while. I’ve read that it can take a few weeks or even months.”

Thomas started making charts. And doing calculations. He worked out what time of the month Guy was at his most fertile, what foods were best to eat to guarantee conception. He did hours of research on what they could do to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

They tried.

And they tried.

And they tried.

They had sex as frequently as they could, in every position they could think of. And yet every time Guy looked at that little white stick, he was haunted by the single red line that never seemed to change.

Thomas was getting better at hiding his disappointment. Each time Guy came to him with the news, he would hold the older man a little tighter, kiss him a little harder, reassure him a little more. Guy didn’t understand. When he was twenty, he got pregnant without even trying. But now that he actually wanted a baby, his body didn’t seem to be interested.

“It’s my fault,” Guy sniffed into Thomas’ shoulder. “It’s got to be me, Thomas. What if…what if that miscarriage I had ten years ago was a sign that there’s something wrong with me? That I’m not meant to have a baby?”

“Hey,” Thomas said softly, cupping Guy’s cheeks and sweeping his thumbs over the tears. “This is not your fault, understand?” He placed a gentle kiss to his husband’s quivering lips. “We’ll just keep trying, okay? It takes a while sometimes. It’ll happen.”

“Yeah,” Guy croaked, wiping his runny nose. “Yeah, it’ll happen for us.”


A few weeks later, Guy worked out the day on which he was meant to be at his most fertile, and began making his preparations.

He cleaned their bedroom from top to bottom. He had a long shower, making sure that every part of him was clean and fresh. He made sure they had some spare sheets ready for later. He was determined that tonight would be their night.

When Thomas came home that evening, Guy was already naked and waiting for him in the living room.

“Woah.” Thomas’ eyes went very very wide as his gaze roamed over Guy’s body. “This is…wow.”

Guy smiled and walked over to his husband, wrapping his arms around the taller man’s neck and pushing himself onto his toes to give him a deep kiss. He felt Thomas’ arms wrap around him as he pressed his naked body up against the younger man.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Thomas murmured appreciatively, large hands cupping the curve of Guy’s ass, “but what’s all this about?”

“We’re going to have a lot of sex tonight,” Guy whispered, kissing along Thomas’s jaw. “We’re doing it in every position possible. I hope you’re up to the challenge, Bangalter?”

Thomas grinned. “Absolutely. When can we start?”

Guy took his husband’s hand and led him to the bedroom. When they got there, Thomas wasted no time in pulling off his t-shirt, while Guy unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans and underwear. Giving a quick lick to Thomas’ cock, Guy stood and pushed the taller man onto the bed.

“Let’s just have fun tonight,” Guy said huskily, kissing up Thomas’ chest. “Forget about trying to make a baby; let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

The first thing he tried was riding Thomas. He took hold of his husband’s cock and positioned himself over it, before sliding down onto it.

“Fuck, Thomas,” Guy sighed. “Been thinking about your cock all day.”

“S-shit, Guy,” Thomas stuttered, grabbing the smaller man’s hips. “So tight.”

They stayed like that for some time, Guy slowly bouncing up and down in Thomas’ lap while they kissed. For a while, Guy really did forget that they were trying to make a baby, especially when Thomas reached out to stroke his cock. He decided to just lose himself in the moment, and enjoy being intimate with his husband.

They stayed still for a few minutes after they came, holding each other and kissing. When they’d recovered, Thomas rolled them over so that Guy was on his hands and knees and the taller man was pressed up against him from behind. Guy let out a loud moan as Thomas pressed into him, balls slapping against Guy’s ass as he began thrusting.

“Jesus Christ, oh Thomas, fuck!”

“Nng, you like that, Guy? Is that good?”

“Fucking amazing, don’t stop!”

Thomas didn’t last long this time, and as soon as he orgasmed he reached round to pump Guy’s cock. Guy saw stars and collapsed forward as his husband pulled out of him.

“I hate to say it, but I’m not a teenager anymore,” Thomas said breathlessly. “I don’t think I can keep this up much longer.”

“One more time,” Guy replied, sounding just as breathless. “Let’s switch positions one more time.”

Pushing Thomas down on the bed, Guy leaned down and took the taller man’s soft cock into his mouth. It tasted of dried cum and his own ass, but Guy didn’t care. All he cared about was getting Thomas hard again.

When Thomas had once again gained a sizeable erection, they switched positions so that Guy was lying on his back and Thomas was between his legs. Guy was starting to feel a bit sore, but he couldn’t help but let out a moan as Thomas’ cock pushed inside him again. Wrapping his thighs around his husband’s waist, Guy pulled Thomas down to kiss him, trying to convey everything he felt- he loved him, he appreciated him, they were going to have a baby, they were going to have a baby

When Thomas came inside him one final time, Guy had a really good feeling. He couldn’t explain it, but he really felt that this was their night. As soon his husband pulled out and collapsed beside him, Guy shifted into a more comfortable position and lifted his legs into the air, holding his thighs for support.

“What on earth are you doing?” Thomas chuckled in a hoarse voice.

“Trying to keep your cum inside me,” Guy replied, sticking his tongue out in concentration. “You know, just trying to give those little guys some help.”

Thomas laughed and rained kisses over the smaller man’s face.

Guy had a really good feeling.


The next time he took a pregnancy test, Guy stared at it very hard for several minutes.

He was afraid that if he blinked, if he looked away for even a second, then the result might somehow change.The last time Guy had seen the little pink cross, he’d been overcome by fear and anxiety. Now a very different set of emotions was running through him.

Feeling the joy bubbling in his chest, Guy couldn’t help but smile at himself in the bathroom mirror. He was going to have a baby. He was going to have a baby with Thomas. They’d created something together, something that was a little bit of both of them; something that was better than Daft Punk or any other musical collaboration they’d ever done.

Wasting no more time, Guy made his way swiftly downstairs to the small room that functioned as their home office, where Thomas was sat reading emails at the computer. Guy wheeled his husband away from the computer, ignoring his startled cry, and spun his chair round so they were facing each other.

“Christ, you scared me!” Thomas laughed, shaking his head. “What’s up?”

Guy slid into the taller man’s lap and wrapped his arms around his neck, leaning in for a kiss. It was sweet and tender and filled with the happiness that was building to a crescendo inside him.

“I’m pregnant,” Guy whispered against Thomas’ lips as they parted.

Brown eyes met blue as Thomas took a moment to digest what he’d just been told. “Really?” he said, sounding a little uncertain.

“Really,” Guy replied, fishing the pregnancy test from the back pocket of his jeans and pressing it into Thomas’ hand. “You’re going to be a father, Thomas.”

Thomas stared at the little white stick in his hand, examining it just as closely as Guy had. When he looked up, he had the biggest smile on his face that Guy had ever seen.

"Oh, Guy," Thomas breathed, leaning in for another kiss. "I…wow. Oh my God. We’re going to be parents!"

Guy laughed and ran his fingers through his husband’s thinning curls. He thought back to the last time he told Thomas he was pregnant, and how the younger man had looked far more solemn and shocked than he did now. Now the happiness was evident on his face, all the way from his wide smile to the sparkle in his eyes.

"We’re going to be parents," Thomas repeated, quieter this time, as if to himself. He ran his hands over Guy’s flat stomach. "I love you, Guy. Love you so much."

"I love you too," Guy replied gently, giving his husband another kiss. He had never felt so happy in his entire life. Not when he first met Thomas, not when they had their first kiss, not when they started Daft Punk, not even on their wedding day…

Without warning, Thomas stood, lifting a giggling Guy and placing him on his feet.

"We need to celebrate," Thomas said breathlessly. "Here." He tugged Guy over to the desk and had him bend over it, before tugging down the shorter man’s jeans and underwear.

"You want to have more sex?" Guy laughed. "It seems like all we’ve been doing lately is having sex. I’m already pregnant, Thom, you can’t put another baby in me until this one’s been born!"

"Mm, never get tired of having sex with you." Thomas pressed his cheek against Guy’s, and Guy felt such an overwhelming rush of love and affection for his husband that he wanted to cry. It was the first time in a long time that they felt carefree whilst making love. They’d achieved their goal, and that was enough for now.


For the first few months of the pregnancy, Guy was on edge. They agreed not to tell anyone until after his first check up, just in case. Just in case it happened again. Guy desperately tried not to think about the very real possibility that he could miscarry again, and instead tried to focus on thinking about all the stuff they were going to need to buy for the baby.

When the time for the first check up rolled around after three months, Guy was absolutely terrified. He could tell that Thomas was nervous too, as they sat in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, but he was smiling and chatting away, obviously trying to keep Guy’s mind off the impending medical exam.

Guy shifted in his seat and held Thomas’ hand. He hated visiting the doctor anyway; anything that required him to remove clothing in front of anyone but Thomas generally made him feel very uncomfortable. Today’s exam was twice as bad because he was so worried about the baby.

"It’ll be fine," Thomas said to him reassuringly when they were called into the office. 

Once inside, Thomas helped Guy remove his clothes and put on the ridiculous open-back hospital gown, before helping him up onto the examination table. Guy felt cold and vulnerable, and he wanted to go home. 

"Hello, Guillaume," the doctor said as he entered the room. He was an older man who looked to be in his late fifties, and he was examining a chart in his hands. "My name is Dr. Aris, and I’ll be looking after you for the duration of your pregnancy. How are you feeling today?"

"Fine," Guy mumbled, fiddling with the corner of his gown.

"I know it’s early at the moment, but any pains, aches, spotting?"

"No," Thomas cut in. "Everything’s been normal so far."

Dr. Aris looked up to peer at Thomas over the top of his glasses. “You must be the father, I presume?”

"Yeah," Thomas replied with a nervous smile. "I’m his husband, Thomas."

"Well, Thomas, I can tell that you’re a tad nervous. But don’t worry, both Guillaume and your child will be in good hands with me. Right, shall we get cracking then? Guillaume, lie down for me and put your feet in the stirrups, please."

Swallowing, Guy obeyed, trying to ignore how exposed he felt. Thomas smiled at him and held his hand, which made him feel a little better as the doctor pulled on a pair of latex gloves and stood between his open legs.

"Alright, Guillaume, I’m just going to have a little feel around inside you to check everything’s as it should be. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt."

Guy heard the sound of a bottle cap being popped open, before he felt the doctor’s finger push gently inside him. He breathed in sharply at the intrusion and shivered a little in response to the cold lube. It was a stark contrast to when Thomas’ fingers entered him; his husband always made sure to warm the lube first, and Guy was always slightly buzzed on arousal. Here though, he was very uncomfortable.

"You’re doing great," Thomas whispered, clearly sensing his discomfort, and squeezing his hand tighter. 

Dr. Aris moved his finger about a bit inside Guy, before removing it. “Well done, Guillaume. You’ll be pleased to know everything seems fine. Before we do the ultrasound, I’ll just feel around your midsection to check everything’s okay there.”

After putting on a fresh pair of gloves, the doctor placed his hands on the gentle curve of Guy’s stomach. He felt around Guy’s entire abdomen, nodding and smiling. Although everything seemed to be going well so far, Guy was still nervous. He wouldn’t be completely happy until they’d done the ultrasound and he could see that his baby was healthy.

"I had a miscarriage," Guy blurted out suddenly. Dr. Aris looked up at him, and Thomas squeezed his hand. "About ten years ago. I, um, had a miscarriage. Thomas was the father then too. I’m…worried. I’m worried it might happen again."

"How far along where you when you miscarried?" the doctor asked.

"He was only a few weeks along," Thomas replied, cutting in again. 

"This is quite common," Dr. Aris said with a kind smile. "Miscarriages happen more often than you think, and in most cases, they happen within the first three months. They can occur for a number of reasons, and quite often it’s nothing to do with the parents. It’s just nature’s way of saying it’s not meant to be. Let’s do a scan, and we can have a look and see if your baby’s healthy."

Feeling slightly more reassured, Guy removed his feet from the stirrups and lifted up his gown as the doctor placed a sheet over his lower body.

"What do you do for a living?" the doctor asked, making small talk as he smeared the cold gel over Guy’s stomach and booted up the machine.

"I’m a musician," Guy replied, feeling the anxiety start to build in his chest.

"And your husband?"

"Also a musician," Thomas replied with a smile.

"This baby’s going to have music in its blood then!" the doctor laughed, picking up the probe and pressing it against Guy’s stomach. "I take it that’s how you met? Through your careers?" Dr. Aris began to move the probe back and forth over Guy’s abdomen. 

"No, actually," Thomas said, stroking a thumb over Guy’s hand. "We met at school, when we were 12 and 13. We became musicians together."

"Childhood sweethearts, how lovely," the doctor smiled, focusing on the computer screen. 

Childhood sweethearts, Guy thought. That’s one I haven’t heard before.

It took quite a few minutes to build up the scan, during which Dr. Aris asked more questions about their personal lives, and Thomas politely responded. It was just like being in a press interview.

When the image was finally ready, Guy could barely breathe. The doctor’s eyes quickly scanned over the screen, before giving a smile and a nod. 

"Everything looks good. Your baby won’t be much to look at right now; it’s very small. But I can tell you that everything looks as it should."

Guy felt relief flood through him as he stared at the small blob on the screen. His baby was okay. His baby was okay…

"It looks just like you," Thomas whispered jokingly in his ear, before pressing a kiss to his hand just below his wedding ring.

"Mm." Guy couldn’t give a proper reply. 

His baby was okay.


Reassured that the baby was healthy for the time being, Guy was able to start focusing on making sure that he stayed as healthy as possible.

The thing that sucked the most was not being able to smoke. On days when his hormones were acting up, there was nothing that he craved more than a good cigarette, and he’d end up sitting on the sofa scowling. He couldn’t even have a cup of coffee. Thomas also gave up drinking coffee and alcohol (he’d given up smoking a few years ago) to support his husband, but it didn’t really make Guy feel any better. The only thing that did improve Guy’s mood was when Thomas would sidle up next to him on the sofa, and lean down to place a gentle kiss against his baby bump before humming some ridiculous tune, insisting that the baby would be able to hear him. Guy would laugh and run his hands through Thomas’ curls as the taller man rested his head against Guy’s stomach and babbled to their child.

They began to receive a tidal wave of visitors once they announced the news to close friends and family. Guy wasn’t used to having company so frequently, and he certainly wasn’t used to so many people wanting to feel his abdomen. His mother, Thomas’ mother, Sebastian, Vinco, even Pedro, for Christ’s sake…all of them would suddenly place their hands on his bump without warning, assuming that he didn’t mind. 

Paul didn’t come to visit them until Guy was nearly six months pregnant, having spent a few months travelling around Africa and the United States.

When he arrived, Thomas was the one who answered the door since Guy found it too much effort to get up now. Thomas returned a few moments later, followed by his brother-in-law, who was carrying a giant teddy bear. 

"For my niece or nephew," Paul said in explanation, setting the teddy bear down in a corner of the room with a grunt. He gave Thomas a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the back. "Good to see you, Bangalter. Congratulations on knocking up my brother."

Paul finally turned to face his brother, his eyes widening a little. “Wow, look at you, Guy-Man. I wasn’t expecting you to be so…big yet.”

Guy rolled his eyes and patted the seat next to him. “Good to see you, Paul.” They exchanged kisses as Paul took a seat beside the pregnant man, one hand immediately reaching out to stroke over his baby bump.

"Have you felt it kick yet?"

"No," Guy replied, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. "The doctor said I probably won’t feel anything until I’m six months along, so still a few weeks to go yet." He began stroking the bump himself, and it was oddly soothing to feel his brother stroking as well.

"Thought of any names yet?" Paul grinned, looking at Thomas.

"We have a few in mind," Thomas replied, "but we’re not going to find out the gender until the baby is born."

"If it’s a boy," Paul said, giving Guy’s bump a gentle pat, "you’re going to name him Paul, of course. Pauline could be nice for a girl."

"In your dreams," Guy scoffed.

"In all seriousness though," Paul laughed, resuming his stroking, "how is everything? Any problems so far?" He looked between Thomas and Guy. Paul was the only other person who knew about Guy’s miscarriage. Guy had confided in his younger brother when he’d found out he was pregnant all those years ago, and Paul had covered for him when he went to visit the doctor. 

"Everything’s great," Thomas replied brightly, taking a seat on the other side of Guy and wrapping his arm around his husband. "All the checkups have gone well; the doctor says the baby’s perfectly healthy."

"Cool," Paul said with a smile. "I’m so happy for you guys- I know how long you were trying for a baby. You’re gonna be great parents."

"And you’re gonna be a great uncle," Guy added, placing a hand on top of his brother’s, which was still resting on his bump. He knew that Paul desperately wanted children as well, but he had just broken up with his boyfriend, so that goal was a little further away for him. 

"I’ll babysit whenever you want. If you and Thomas wanna get away for a bit, or work on your next album, or have some alone time or whatever, then I’ll come and watch the kid. I should probably warn you that as soon as this child is born, I will be making bi-weekly visits. Maybe even tri-weekly, if the kid gets really attached to me.”

Guy laughed. “Fine. But the minute you get pregnant, I’ll be round your apartment hassling you and driving you crazy day and night.”

"Deal." Paul looked over at Thomas. "Christ, Bangalter, what does a guy have to do to get a cup of coffee around here?"

"We don’t keep coffee in the house at the moment," Thomas replied, shrugging. "Guy can’t drink it, so I don’t drink it."

"You two really are the dream couple, aren’t you? Water will be fine, dear brother-in-law."

Paul ended up staying all afternoon, excitedly telling them about his trip to the Ivory Coast, and some new tracks he was working on at the moment, before pestering Guy with questions about how painful he expected the birth to be.

When Paul finally decided to go home, he helped pull Guy to his feet and linked his arm in his brother’s as they walked to the door. “I’ll swing by every week,” he said firmly. “Let me know if there’s anything you need me to do. Take care of yourself, Guy-Man.”

He kissed his older brother’s cheek, before leaning down to press a kiss against Guy’s bump. “Bye, baby.” Finally, he stood on his toes to give his brother-in-law a kiss. “See ya, Thomas. Look after them both for me.”

"I thought he’d never leave," Guy sighed when Paul finally made his exit. 

"He’s probably more excited about this baby than we are," Thomas joked.

Excited or not, Guy decided he’d had enough visits from friends and relatives in the last three months to last him a lifetime.


As his pregnancy progressed, Guy found it more and more difficult to move around and stand up. 

Which is why, when he felt the baby start to kick for the first time, he didn’t even attempt to try to stand from the sofa to find his husband, and instead simply hollered, “THOMAS!”

He heard a vague grunt in response coming from somewhere upstairs as he excitedly ran his hands over his abdomen, feeling little jabs here and there. “THOMAS! COME QUICKLY!”

Within seconds he heard the taller man thundering down the stairs before he skidded to a stop in front of Guy. “What is it?” Thomas asked, panic evident in his voice, “Is everything alright? Is it you? Is it the baby?”

"Come here, idiot," Guy said with a smile, reaching for Thomas’ hand. He placed the other man’s hand on his bump, and watched as Thomas’ face lit up as he felt their child kick.

"Wow." Thomas collapsed next to Guy, placing his other hand on Guy’s midsection as well. "That’s…wow."

Guy felt himself beaming, so incredibly happy that his child seemed to be healthy and strong. “I can’t wait to meet you,” he said quietly to his belly, gently stroking with Thomas. “Your papa can’t wait to meet you too.”

Thomas was being very quiet, which was unusual for him, simply smiling and stroking. “I love you so much,” he whispered eventually, and Guy wasn’t sure if Thomas was talking to him or to the baby or to both of them. 

"You’re going to be such a good father, Thomas," Guy said gently, overwhelmed by the sentimentality of the moment and by the damn hormones. 

"You really think so?"

"Absolutely. You’re going to be amazing."

We’re going to be amazing,” Thomas corrected, kissing Guy’s lips.


Sex was another thing that changed dramatically as Guy neared the end of his pregnancy.

He was now so big that there were only a few positions he could stay in comfortably, and only for short periods of time. This wouldn’t have been so bad if he wasn’t so incredibly horny all the time.

He found himself wandering downstairs completely naked one evening in his final month, desperately searching for his husband. He found the younger man in their office, checking emails once again.

"Thomas," he sighed, "I’m really fucking horny. Please step away from the computer and take care of your heavily pregnant husband." 

Thomas turned to face him, and looked as though he was about to say something, but stopped and let his mouth hang open as he took in the sight before him. His eyes roamed up and down Guy’s naked body, lingering on Guy’s erection which was pressed up against his bump, smearing precum over his stomach.

The smaller man rubbed his belly in agitation. “Thomas, please. I’m really uncomfortable here.”

"Yeah," Thomas said eventually, swallowing. "Yeah, of course. Christ, Guy, you have no idea how beautiful you look."

"I’m as big as a house," Guy laughed. "Come on. I need either sex or cigarettes, so you’d better fuck me before I do something I regret."

Thomas shot out of his seat at that, and Guy laughed harder, cupping his belly with both hands for support as he lead the way upstairs. Thomas undressed at the speed of light once they were in the bedroom, and wasted no time in guiding his pregnant husband to the bed. The only position in which Guy could now comfortably have sex was with him lying on his side with Thomas behind him.

Guy let out a moan of pleasure as he felt Thomas’ cock push into his ass, and reached behind him to stroke his husband’s face.

"Mm, fuck, Thomas. This is just what I need." He turned his head to the side so that they could kiss as he felt one of Thomas’ large hands cup his belly. The baby had started moving in response to Thomas’ thrusts, and Guy felt as though he was truly at one with his family as he felt them both move inside him. 

"Guy-Man," Thomas panted, lifting Guy’s thigh with his other hand. "Guy-Man, love you!"

"Thomas!" Guy screeched, as his husband’s hand moved from stroking his belly to pumping his cock. "Oh, Thomas!" He shuddered as he orgasmed, and he would’ve been embarrassed at coming so quickly if Thomas hadn’t climaxed thirty seconds later.  

As they collapsed against each other, Thomas swept Guy’s hair back from his face to give him another kiss. “You know,” the taller man panted, “we won’t be able to be that loud when the baby’s born.”

"You’re the loud one," Guy yawned, feeling satisfied and exhausted. The baby seemed to have settled down now that they’d finished, which meant it was a good time for him to fall asleep. Thomas cleaned them both up a bit, before pressing one kiss to Guy’s hair and another to his belly. 

Guy smiled as he felt Thomas settle behind him, and his long arms wrap around him. He was going to make a joke about how hairy Thomas’ arms were, but decided not to ruin the moment and to just close his eyes instead.


A few weeks later, Guy woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in his abdomen.

He was taken back to that night ten years ago when he woke up to blood on his sheets, and he sat up in terror when he felt that the sheets were damp once again. He fumbled for the switch to the bedside lamp in a panic with terrifying thoughts running through his head. Please no please let the baby be okay please no not again please…

"Thomas!" he choked, as he felt another wave of pain wash over his abdomen. "Fuck, Thomas, wake up!" 

"What?" Thomas scrambled to sit up beside him. "What is it? What’s wrong?" 

"The baby!" Guy sobbed. "The baby, I think I lost it, oh fuck!"

Thomas turned on the bedside lamp, and Guy felt relief flood his chest when he saw that the sheets weren’t stained crimson. He hadn’t lost the baby. He hadn’t lost the baby.

"Jesus, Thom," the smaller man sniffed, burying his face in Thomas’ t-shirt. "I woke up in pain, and the sheets were damp, and I thought I lost the baby."

"You didn’t," Thomas replied softly, stroking the older man’s hair. "Your water just broke, and it sounds as though you’re having contractions. The baby’s on its way."

The baby’s on its way.

Guy found it a little difficult to process that they’d done it, they’d actually made it through the pregnancy. Thomas had climbed out of bed, and was darting around looking for the bag they’d packed for the hospital, while Guy sat there stroking his belly. The baby’s on its way.

By the time Thomas had helped Guy get dressed, and guided him down to the car, and navigated the streets of Paris to the hospital, Guy’s contractions had become more frequent and more painful. He was almost doubled over as he was wheeled to their hospital room, and Thomas helped him into the familiar gown.

"I’ve called your parents," Thomas babbled, as he settled Guy on the bed. "And I’ve called my parents. And I’ve called Paul. And I texted Pedro. I think that’s everyone, right? Everyone I need to contact-"

"-Thomas!" Guy cried as another contraction tore through his body. "Jesus, fuck, this fucking hurts!" He had never experienced such pain in his life; it was as if the baby was trying to rip out his insides.

He was in labour for a further twenty-six hours. They were the longest twenty-six hours of his life. Thomas held his hand, and brought him ice chips, and sat with him patiently while he groaned and cried and swore he would never have sex with his husband again. 

"I will cut off your balls, Thomas!" Guy shouted during one particularly painful contraction. "I will cut off your balls if you ever touch me again!”

Thomas had never looked so frightened, not in the seventeen years that they’d known each other. He bravely pressed a kiss to Guy’s sweat-soaked hair. “I’m here for you, Guy-Man,” he said softly. 

"Oh, Thomas," Guy groaned, falling back against the pillow. His eyes were watery but the contractions seemed to be taking a break. "I’m so sorry," he sniffed. "I didn’t mean that. Just hurts so much."

"I know," Thomas said sympathetically, stroking his husband’s hair. "I hate seeing you in pain."

When the time finally came for Guy to start pushing, he thought all his internal organs were going to fall out. Thomas gripped his hand tightly, and whispered words of encouragement in his ear as he began to push. He pushed and he pushed and he pushed.

"I can see the head," Dr. Aris said from the bottom of the bed between Guy’s legs. 

That’s it? Just the head? Guy honestly felt as though he should have pushed the whole damn thing out by now.

"I can’t do this!" he sobbed. "Shit, I can’t do this. Thomas," he turned to look up at his husband with tearful eyes, "I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t push anymore!"

"Yes you can," Thomas said determinedly. "You can do this, Guy-Man."

Guy tried to push again, but collapsed back against the pillow when he felt as though his ass was being torn in two. “I can’t, I can’t do it. They’ll have to cut it out of me or something.” The tears were now flowing freely down his face.

"We can’t do that, Guillaume," Dr. Aris said firmly. "You’re too far along. Come on now, you can do this."

"You’re so close," Thomas whispered. "So close, Guy. Think of our baby. Think of how soon you’ll be able to hold our baby in your arms. You can do this. I’ve seen you do incredible things and I know you can do this.

Squeezing Thomas’ hand so hard that he was sure some bones must have been broken, Guy sat up and pushed with a scream. You can do this. Push. You can do this. Push. You can do this. Push.

With a final shout, Guy fell back against the pillow as he heard his child’s cries fill the air for the first time. He’d done it.

"Oh, Guy," Thomas said, his voice thick with emotion and his own eyes filled with tears. "You were amazing. Absolutely amazing. You did so well, chéri."

Guy was still a little in shock and had barely any time to take it all in before a nurse was pressing a bundle of blankets into his arms. “Congratulations to you both,” she said with a smile. “It’s a boy.”

"Oh," was all Guy was able to say as he ran a trembling finger over his son’s tiny face. He was beautiful. It was hard to believe that this was the tiny being that had been living inside Guy for the last nine months.

"He has your eyes, Thom," Guy said in a hoarse voice, noting that the baby’s eyes were a warm brown. 

"Mm," Thomas said happily, sitting beside Guy on the bed and wrapping an arm around him. "It looks like he has your hair, thank God. I was afraid he’d inherit my curls, and start going bald before he hits thirty."

They spent a few minutes in silence with their newborn son while the nurse cleaned away the bloody sheets. Guy forgot about the numbing pain in his nether regions as he felt himself become completely consumed by love for his baby. The baby that was safe and healthy and so alive.

"Sorry to ruin the happy moment," Dr. Aris said gently, "but we need to stitch Guillaume up. He’s suffered some quite severe tearing and he’s still bleeding a bit. It’s nothing to worry about; it’s quite common and won’t take long at all. Thomas, why don’t you take the baby?"

Guy carefully handed the baby to Thomas, who gently cradled his son, rocking him from side to side. His heart fluttered at the sight of his husband and son together, and he quickly decided that all the pain was definitely worth it.


They allowed their parents and Paul into the room once Guy had been cleaned up.

"My brave boy," Guy’s mother crooned, kissing him on the cheek. "My brave, brave boy." She cooed over her grandson along with his father and Thomas’ mother, while Thomas’ father gave him a hug.

"Well done, Guy-Manuel," Daniel said with a smile. "I know it’s not easy." He turned to Thomas and gave him a hug as well. "Congratulations, son. You’ll both make wonderful parents."

"How was it?" Paul asked Guy with a grin.

"Literally the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced," Guy replied with a laugh. "You definitely won’t be able to take it when your time comes."

"We’ll see about that," Paul said, as the baby was finally passed to him to hold. "Thought of a name yet?"

"We’ve decided on Arnaud," Thomas said with a smile.

"Arnaud Paul Bangalter," Guy added softly.

Paul looked at them both, his eyes wide and his mouth open. “You’re…you’re serious? Oh God, please tell me this isn’t some horrible ‘gotcha’ moment.”

Guy’s smile widened. “We’re serious.”

"Oh." Paul sniffed, his eyes watering a little. "Well that’s, um. Cool. Thanks, guys. I’m touched." He looked down at his nephew with a huge grin on his face, before passing the baby back to his brother. "I guess we’d better get out of your way. You must be pretty tired, Guy-Man."

Guy was exhausted. But it didn’t matter how tired he was; he never wanted to stop holding his baby boy. As Paul and the parents said their goodbyes and slowly filtered out, Guy stared at Arnaud in his lap, marveling at how gorgeous he was. They’d done it. They had a healthy little boy.

"You should get some sleep," Thomas said gently, taking a seat beside the smaller man on the bed.

"Mm," Guy replied. "In a minute."

Thomas wrapped one arm around Guy and used his other hand to stroke his son’s face. “I didn’t think I’d ever love anyone as much as I love you,” he said quietly, “but I think you’ve got some competition now.”

Guy sighed happily and leaned into Thomas’ touch, allowing himself to become engulfed by the warmth of his family. He finally had his baby, their baby in his arms. There was nothing he had to worry about anymore. Well, except for bringing the baby up, of course.

But that was something he would worry about tomorrow.


For those of you who enjoyed the fic where there was a love triangle between Thomas, Guy, and Deadmau5- I’ve just been sent another prompt that revolves around this love triangle. So you may be seeing another fic with these three soon…