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1. #katifaq Hi! I work in a clinic/hospital setting surrounded by docs & medical staff. My ED is really starting to get the best of me to the point where a hospitalization might be necessary. Do you think it’d be ok to tell my manager about what’s going on? We have a good relationship & she’s been a family friend even before she became my boss. I know ultimately it’s up to me, just need some input! thank u!

2. #Katifaq Hey here my question. My therapist keeps moving up my session. I email her because i am having a panic attack then she moves it have only had a few sessions but emailing her helps me. she told me i could and she wants me to.. is it bad to have sessions moved?

3. Hey Kati, I wasn’t comfortable tweeting you my question so I hope DMs are okay!! Why am I so attached to my female teachers? I am in 11th grade and ever since 9th grade, I’ve found myself becoming very close to one teacher each year. I will often go to them for advice, and yearn for attention. This has been driving me crazy for months because I just feel like I’m bothering them although they are nothing but nice to me! Thanks, love your videos!! :)

Journal Topic:

@KatiMorton #KatiFAQ Journal topic? … Thank your body parts for what they do for you & think of that when you want to criticise your appearance - your body’s functional, not an ornament. - I’m finding this really helpful :)



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Do you think I’m happy? Do you think that just because I smile, I’m simply full of joy? Like it’s that easy?
Do you know that I sit in the back of the class with my head bowed, hair covering my face because I think it’ll be make the possibility of the teacher calling on me less likely?
Do you know that sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I have so many things so deeply hidden inside me that I know that I’ll never be able to yank them back up to tell someone?
Do you know that I literally feel like bursting into tears every time I don’t know the answer to a question on a test?
Do you know that I have panic attacks almost every single day and I really want help, but I don’t tell anyone because I’m afraid of someone thinking of me as a crazy freak?
Do you know that even though I told you I had a good day at school, I rushed out of the classroom because I felt like my heart was about to burst out of my chest?
Do you know that even though I may not have any more scars on my body, I still have plenty of gashes on my heart?
—  Do You Think I’m Happy? // Cicatrice

I’d like to invite you to create an anxiety management plan.

I’ve compiled a list of things in each topic that I’ve found particularly helpful. If you have additions, feel free to contribute via reblog or reply.

Something to touch:

  • Fleece blanket
  • Keys 
  • Necklace chain

Something to See:

  • Picture books
  • Photo Album
  • Digital folder of calming/comforting pictures
  • Puzzles

Something to Hear:

Something to Smell (if applicable):

  • Scented candles
  • Lotions
  • Certain objects in room (i.e. pillow, blanket, etc)

Something to Taste:

  • Mints
  • Hard Candies
  • Oral sensory objects

Calming Techniques and Other Stuff

  • Rocking - allows brain to re-hydrate; so-called “Instinctual” soothing method
  • Feel-Your-Seat - Quite literally. What are you sitting on? What does it feel like? How is your body responding to you sitting?
  • Belly-Breathing - Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. Take slow, deep breaths focusing on making sure your belly hand raises higher when you breathe in. Do this for seven counts.

Anyone have any more?

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but its just that I hurt myself again and feel emptiness inside me and always want to cry because I hate myself with a passion. Why do I have to go through this, why am i worthless, I’m fine.”

For anyone who has bad anxiety and have bad panic attacks,

My therapist told me a way to help it. It’s called “grounding” or some people like to call it “mindfulness”.

Here’s what to do in the middle of the panic/anxiety attack:

1) Touch 5 things or objects

2) Next, find 4 different things to look at

3) Then, try to hear 3 different sounds

4) Smell 2 different things

5) Lastly, taste one thing or think of one good quality/thing about yourself, that you like.

This works really well and it’s suppose to distract you and take you back to reality.