Sakura wants to live Happily Ever After with SASUKE

Am I looking too far into it? Probably. But there’s no doubt in my mind that when Naruto made the comment about living happily ever after, Sakura immediately had Sasuke in mind and looked at him.






Notice how she’s looking towards the side at Naruto?






Once Naruto made the comment, she turns towards Sasuke with that cute little expression. Her head is at the same angle as the first panel, but her eyes are turned the opposite way, facing Sasuke. 



Yamamori Mika's Comment for Margaret 50th Anniversary Exhibition



I tried my best on filling in the hair! The most difficult thing about drawing on the glass panel was that sometimes you don’t understand how big it is, also trying to hide the magic touches was tough. Being able to mix in with all these famous sensei, made me feel touched and very grateful!

T/N: Was suppose to translate this like a week ago but didn’t get around to it. This was part of an exhibition for Margaret’s 50th Anniversary where they got 10 manga-ka’s to draw on a glass panel. The list of manga-ka were:

  1. Aida Natsumi (Kengai Princess/ Switch Girl!!)
  2. Aruko (Ore to Monogatari)
  3. Kazune Kawahara (Aozora Yell/ High School Debut)
  4. Sakisaka Io (Ao Haru Ride)
  5. Shiina Karuho (Kimi no Todoke)
  6. Tanemura Arina (Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi)
  7. Nanaji Nagamu (Aruito)
  8. Hatta Ayuko (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji)
  9. Morishita Suu (Hibi Chouchou)
  10. Yamamori Mika (Hirunaka no Ryuusei)

If you can’t spot HnR, it’s on the 4th glass panel from the left! (Suzume’s on the bottom, with Mamura to her side and Shishio filling out the top).

Credit: x



Did anyone else notice that Kakashi has an eye on Sasuke? Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like Kakashi is analyzing Sasuke’s behaviour around Sakura *.* I mean, look at the panels. Sasuke gives his full attention to sakura when she’s nearby. He didn’t need to answer her when he’s coming anyway and he’s not the chatty type either. Not to mention his tender face when he’s around Sakura <3 Kakashi senses something. >.<

with what happened and the creatures pax panel coming up, i want to remind you guys not to ask questions regarding the swatting at the panel. if the guys have some to say to us about it or what is gonna happen in the future because of it, they will. but unless they do, just don’t bring it up, shower them with love, and enjoy pax. 

Did Yuriy see Zeira? (FT Zero Chapter 2)



One of the puzzling things about chapter 2 of Fairy Tail Zero is that Zeira appears to be alive, even though the events in chapter 1 seem to suggest that she died. Mavis is able to see Zeira, but who knows whether what she’s seeing is an alive Zeira, or her spirit/ghost?

Yuriy’s use of “defenseless little girls” in the panel above makes it sound as though he’s referring to both Mavis and Zeira (and implying that he can see Zeira as well), but the Japanese text actually uses お嬢ちゃん, which MS has translated as “Missy” in all other instances. The word used is in singular form, suggesting that he’s only referring to Mavis.

What truly happened to Zeira and whether she’s still alive are still open questions, seeing that we don’t have any proof as to whether Yuriy was able to see her. I’m sure the following chapters will provide us with more clues though!


2014 07 24 - San Diego - Comic-Con - Dreamworks Animation Panel - The Penguins Of Madagascar by Chelsea Lauren

Open in new tab / window for              [1140 x 499 pixels]            /             [640 x 426 pixels]            !

Caption : SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 24:  Actor Benedict Cumberbatch attends the DreamWorks Animation panel at Comic-Con International on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Chelsea Lauren)

anonymous said:

hey that timezone idea is pretty generic but your art piece was really similar to another tumblr user's!! just thought to let you know since she seemed pretty upset

((first off sorry I edited the user’s name out from your ask cause I heard some people were sending her hate while I was asleep and let’s try not making this a bigger mess than it actually is, in case people decide to send her more)

yeah I’m assuming it’s a pretty common idea but no I have no idea which picture you’re talking about actually! >:?

((I was partly reusing the same idea of a 2 year old pic of mine I never posted too))

I also had to put aside a bunch of my pics myself because I found out somebody used almost the same concept before I had the chance to finish them (sometimes even with few days apart from me starting the pic) and it made me think “did this person read my mind or something” except I’ll still probably finish those pics sooner or later because I did spend time working on them and I started them before finding out there was already something similar

I mean some ideas get drawn by people over and over even while not knowing it has already been drawn by someone else, I saw it happen a bunch of times not only to myself, just try to see it as diff interpretations of the same thing made by different people


anonymous said:

ABC used a CS pic to promote OUAT again, honestly i mean i keep reading haters going on about how unpopular CS really is and then BOOM ... ABC uses their kiss pic to promote the return of the show! It's amazing coz ABC probably looks at everything (media attention, online fans, focus groups etc) and if they're using CS it's because they're getting a lot of positive feedback and ABC know that CS are a major draw for OUAT! Honestly that one media stunt made my day as a fan! Can't wait for S4!

I feel like I’m about to rant so just a warning this isn’t directed at you, LOL. But dude. The people who say that know absolutely nothing and they have no idea what they’re talking about. TV Guide selected Colin as a fan favorite for their panel @ SDCC for a reason. And did you HEAR the screams for him when he got introduced there?? I seriously bawled my eyes out for him, I was so moved by the positive reaction. And look at the people who have been selected to that panel alongside him and during previous years. They ALL legitimately deserve it. This isn’t some made up thing where ABC decided they love Hook and so they’re making all of these media outlets follow suit. Colin has done a fantastic job at reinventing this character, he’s one of the only sources of comic relief on the show (that’s why he’s sometimes in scenes making sassy faces and remarks when honestly he wouldn’t otherwise be needed) — b/c even just his presence in a scene makes it 10 times better. 

You know why ABC loves him? You know why they love CS? Because it gets people talking. Whether you love them or him or hate them…it doesn’t matter. ABC doesn’t go through individual tweets to read the context, they look at how many times his name is brought up in discussion. Same with CS. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad. It’s better than the show not being talked about at all and they’re going to promote whatever keeps OUAT in the forefront of discussion.

And here’s the thing. Emma is the main character. When the show first started it was all about promoting Snow, Charming & their daughter. But now the focus is starting to shift to Emma securing her happy ending and fighting whatever new threat is coming their way. It isn’t the charmings vs. the evil queen any longer. The storylines are shifting and the main character has finally found her true love. WHY SHOULDN’T ABC PROMOTE THAT EVERY CHANCE THEY GET?! This story is ABOUT true love and happy endings and you mean to tell me that the writers and network shouldn’t promote the main character and her handsome, hilarious love interest? I don’t care if they post a cs pic every single time they promote the show and it’s not just b/c I’m a fan — it’s because this is what is happening on the show right now and the network SHOULD promote it. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith & Derek are their flagship couple. There are lots of other characters and relationships on the show but ABC uses Mer/Der as the face of that show b/c Meredith is the main character and Derek is her amazing wonderful love interest. IT’S NO DIFFERENT.

Fandom is a ridiculous place, man. I get not everyone wants Emma with Hook, I get not everyone likes Hook — but the audacity of some people to say that CS shouldn’t be promoted or Hook shouldn’t be promoted just don’t get how any of this works. It’s a business at the end of the day and right now CS = $$$. Sorry kids, but thems the breaks and no amount of dumb hashtag campaigns or ridiculous tweets are going to change that.