Natasha: Your friend went home. She seemed bothered, but I think she is okay.
Wanda: Ah! What— Jean left? But… but…
Natasha: Westerners are not used to such discomfort. You strike me as from the Carpathians, like much of my family. Ride?
Wanda: I don't— yes, I am— um… yes? Where are you from?
Natasha: Russia. I am Natasha. And you?
Wanda: I’m Wanda.

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From X-men: First Class #9, by Jeff Parker and Julia Bax.


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a comic about my personal internal struggles and how i overcome the negativity. it’s really hard to remember that what goes on inside our own heads isn’t reality.

also I’m trying to get over my fears in drawing- so what if I’m not the best? so what if I have a different style than other people?!?! That’s the point right!!!!

Im tired of not liking myself. I’m tired of being scared to draw. so I’m going to keep going because I DO matter and people DO care about me.

So I have been asked to sum up the Q&A with Darren and I’ll gladly do it but some things are a blur so don’t expect me to write the exact questions or answers! Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t want to report false things and put words in their mouths! I’ll sum up what Darren said in a few points (for now at least)

1)Darren joked about not having any problem with Dianna saying to him she’s expecting her child (this was a joke following Mark talking about Quik storyline from s1

2)Darren showed the Hedwig promo photoshoot to Mark and the translator saying that she looks really good. Mark played along and pretended to be attracted to Hedwig/Darren and put a arm behind him. Darren joked and said “probably there are cameras behind me and you’re all gonna see it, it always happens”. Sorry there wasn’t any camera.

3)”Do you know or can you tell us when the photoshoot is gonna come out?” [my Q]
He said he doesn’t know, it’s not his work. To quote him “I’m just in heels not on the computer. I’m not the right person to ask”. He said he assumes he’s gonna be out soon since he starts in a month.

4)He said he liked the wedding episode. It was “bound” to happen. He said he and Chris were very glad it wasn’t all about them and that it wasn’t a cliché, a stereothype of “the big gay wedding”. It was beautiful but not over the top.

5)He would have liked to sing more “American classic” music.

6)He said one of the funniest things was the vaporape scene. He loves Tina. He said it was weird having his chest hair trimmed and that it was fun because he only had to pretend to be asleep but he couldn’t because feeling her hands all over his body was making him laugh.

7)He and Mark used to make up random dirty songs. One of them is called “there is nothing better then” and it’s probably about sex (they didn’t say but there were innuendos)

8)They know the response to Glee is huge. The cons, the ITunes charts, the shows. They feel our love.

9)He prefers This Time to Rise

10) “if you want to talk about your writing process” it depends. Writing for musicals (starkid) is easier because you know the story, the character, their background, their accent, their vocal extension. The same is for This Time. He knew Rachel story and the fact that the show itself was ending and Lea’s range (three octaves) helped him “I made her do two octaves and a half”. Writing pop music is harder because “nobody knows how to write a numer one hit”. When you listen to a song on radio and say that it sucks it doesn’t metter, it’s on the radio and you have it stuck in your head so it’s a good pop song.

11) He confirmed he put the album on standby because he’s “focusing on his acting career”. He was too busy with Glee and now with other projects, first of all Broadway, and he wants to take his time. He doesn’t like working with deadlines and “standards”, he wants to do it in his own way with his own ideas. No compromise. That’s why he’s waiting till he will be ready to dedicate time to this project.

12)Darren wants to be a songwriter. He didn’t say it directly but during the concert he told us to please buy This Time to place it in a good position on charts. This will let him continue to write song “for other people”.

13)If he could choose a singer to write songs for it would be Naya Rivera. She’s one of Darren’s favorite famale singers. “And since Adele and Katy Perry are out of my reach”.

14)He’s glad he doesn’t have to wear the hair gel anymore but he really didn’t mind it because it helped him to always “be in character”. He was lucky because he doesn’t like to be himself when he’s acting and, while some actors had to basically play themselves on the show, he had to be a completely different guy. He his like this “beard, jeans, curls” so putting gels and shaving everyday really helped him.

15)He confirmed the heads-up game was not in the script. Himself and Chris decided to do it to show the tension between the two of them and David. Then he said it was weird because they have spent more time in that elevator than Kurt and Blaine. It took them three days to shoot those scenes.

16)He’s favorite song by Mark is “Sweet Caroline” while for Mark, his favorite song by Darren, is “Teenage Dream”

17) About who makes more jokes and funny stuff on set. Mark said Darren is the one who jokes the most off camera while they both said that Chord “is always an idiot” off and on camera. A lot of Chord’s off camera jokes became Sam’s jokes on the show.

All her life, she’s fought to be free, with the fierce passion and tempered steel strength of an eagle. She chose her road long ago, and she’s never regretted it, never looked back. But every choice has its price, and she knows what every eagle knows from birth— to fly free, you must fly alone.

From Marvel Team-Up #85, by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema.

SUPER SISTER” by JasonAngelone

RegularJOE (Director) comment: “Excellent! Well done, JasonAngelone! You really breathed life and emotion into MattConley’s script. Making comics is such a great way for us to tell stories together. (And not to get ahead of ourselves, but this could totally be animated into a great tiny film.)”


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Natasha: …You’re still here.
Ana: That stray is sticking around, thanks to you.
Natasha: A lonely neighborhood for a cat, I suppose, Ana.
Ana: Yes. A lonely neighborhood, for all creatures. But this one waits for you, I think.
Natasha: I can’t let you in, I’m sorry. That’s one mistake I won’t make twice.

I think a lot has been made of Natasha’s commitment to loneliness, to what degree she is or is not a broken, solitary bird. In the case of this panelset, though, I think it is wise to remember the context. She’s just come back from a mission where she defeated the bad guy, but not before he killed some acquaintences of hers, people she seemed to like and genuinely wanted to help. Natasha stands in violent spaces, and people who keep too close do get hurt. That is the nature of her name: a black widow brings death to her lovers. Natasha has done bad things and holds that part of her regret close, but she is also fundamentally a survivor, and that carries its own guilt.

That Natasha feels this, and sees herself in some stabbing instances as a curse and a danger to the people around her is, to me, more proof that she’s working than proof that she’s broken.

Natasha names the cat Liho, in Slavic mythology the name of a creature of bad luck, ill will, misfortune. Black cats live in fairytales and often appear as omens, or at the side of witches. Liho is bad luck, and it is bad luck to be around Natasha. Misfortune is literally waiting for her. There’s a Russian idiom— не буди лихо, пока оно тихо— that means something like “let sleeping dogs lie.” Don’t trouble until trouble troubles you.

The thing is, of course, that Natasha is trouble walking. She can’t stick to the mission, she can’t keep her hands and feet inside the vehicle, she has to do better, has to help, has to keep trying. So of course, she eventually lets the cat in.

From Black Widow #2, by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto.