Let’s go!

First panel is at 2:10pm in Hall G. We’re giving out personalized comic recommendations! Come hang out with meeee!

Now, this post isn’t here to show off anything but my confusion.

I’m not sure if it’s noticeable on here, but when i logged in, all my text was (and still is) really blurry? Some lines of text have this weird drop shadow like the text got over layed on top of itself?

At first I thought it was just my eyes/the fact that I wear glasses, but even when I transitioned from glasses-on and glasses-off, nothing changed. It is definitely my game…

Also, it’s with any text in game, people’s names, my friends list, guild roster, TP, Gem store. Every. Fucking. Thing.

Wtf is going on, is anyone else getting this problem? 


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