The Aminoacid Boy campaign is now 73% funded!!!! :-)))  We are sooo near to the goal!

Since the double page illustrations are sold out, during the last week I’ve been working on a new one. It’s now available as a new perk!!! You can find it here:


Don’t stop now: grab a copy of the book and keep spreading the word!

With your support we can make it!!!!


The Homestuck panel from Mobicon on Saturday. Everyone did an AWESOME JOB on their cosplays! Not everyone in the panel was in the picture, but I’ll put all their tumblrs here anyways cuz all of them were awesome!

John Dave Jade Karkat Aradia Vriska Gamzee Eridan Feferi Jane Roxy Jake  Kankri Meulin Porrim Latula Kurloz

If they don’t have a link, then either I didn’t get their tumblrs or they don’t have one.


Jensen on the fight scene between Dean and Cas in 10x22.