Light and shadow. 
Bright and dark. 
We live with contrasts. 
Socially and professionally. 
In enclosed spaces. 
Very difficult to change. 
Here perpendicular lines, right angles. 
Pure and simple Cartesian geometry. 
Spaces defined concretely. 
Our spaces are however virtuals
But our behavior is real. 
Geometry of our space is complex. 
Lines are our paths, our ways. 
Shadows simulate our obstacles. 
Intersections show locations of potential conflicts. 
Panels illustrate our shelter. 
White spaces are places to occupy. 
Are our desired future. 
Spaces and paths are there. 
Let’s begin our journey …


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Fave panel moments: Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk prank the cast of #Firefly (pick it up at about the 5 minute mark) (#DragonCon 2010)

Otakuthon panels

So I’m hosting a few panels this weekend at Otakuthon, in Montreal. Some more serious than others. 

Where Are the Queer Superheroes?

The popularity of superheroes has been increasing exponentially in the last decade. However, most of us have realised that even though DC Comics and Marvel have put out more than fifty movies since 2000, none of them starred a queer superhero – or even had one in the background. Are the comics any better? Where should we be looking for those rare gems?

Saturday, 3PM, Room 524AB

Queer Webcomics and Where to Find Them (16+)

The sheer quantity of webcomics published online these days can make it a little difficult for the yaoi fan to find anything relevant to their interests. Come share your own personal favorites and discuss the comics that are available online!

Friday, 8PM, Room 524C

Sports Anime: Balls Touching

Sports anime are kind of (very) gay, and don’t listen to anyone who says this isn’t the case! Join in for a discussion on some classic titles like Prince of Tennis and some newer ones like Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu!!

Saturday, 7PM, Room 524C

They’re all going to be great, obviously. I’ll be giving some stuff during the queer superheroes one, so you should let yourself be bought by the idea of free stuff at the very least.

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DashCon 2014

Ask an Avenger panel part 3


There is no number five.

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The most important tip I could ever give towards drawing/creating good comics is to read comics. Good, bad, mediocre, read them all and learn from them.

Webcomics I love :: Nimona | Monsieur Charlatan | Hemlock | Prague Race | Lost Nightmare

Things that are important in the season 10 teaser:

  • Sam saying that he hates demons to Dean
  • Dean chasing Sam with an axe
  • Sam looking really scared like a puppy
  • Sam doing something really bad while searching for Dean
  • Dean’s sex hair
  • Dean’s hella sexy demon eyes
  • Dean still calling Sam “Sammy” 
  • Dean still calling Sam “Sammy”