Who is Lord Panduranga !

Who is Lord Panduranga ?

Who is lord panduranga, or mostly known as Pandarinath, Vitthalaswamy etc ? 

Panduranga is one of famous gods who is being worshipped since ages in India, his name Vitthala describes the quality of being innocent, as the word vitthal is being picked from sanskrit and it signifies innocense.

Panduranga or Lord Vitthala is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu who is known and worshipped as Lord “Vitthala or Panduranga” in the southern part of India mostly in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

In the Honor of Lord Panduranga an Extravaganza temple with architectural excellence is built in Hampi, nothing can explain the architectural work of them being sculptured on the hard rock during early centuries.

In the Honor of Lord Panduranga the Devotees keep Deeksha same as people do for Lord Ayyappa for 41 days and leave the deeksha by visiting Pandaripur a temple in the border of Karnataka and close by Maharashtra.

It is assumed that whoever performs the 41 day deeksha with utmost efficiency and bhakti and offers his prayers to lord Panduranga his wishes will be fulfilled and he will the satisfied person and will be blessed with good things in life.

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