scribe-of-stars asked:

Maids a Milking :3

Eight things I like about my friends

  1. They are all extremely intelligent people. I can’t hang out with dummies.
  2. They are all so unique  None of my friends feel like clones of eachother or matchy-matchy cliques. Everyone has their own things that makes them one of a kind.
  3. They like me for me. There’s nothing that makes anyone feel obligated to hang out. We enjoy one another for the people that we are.
  4. They’re funny as Hell! There is not one of my friends who does not have me in stitches on a regular basis.
  5. They give good hugs.
  6. They some fiiine ass bitches. Yes they is. UNF hottie babes and bros. And they all know it!
  7. I can come to my friends with my problems and they make me feel safe about it. I don’t feel like they’re going to gossip or use my words against me. And when I need to hear “You’re right, that other person is wrong and they are a BITCH and you are the best” (rational or not) they are all sassy enough to provide that.
  8. Psychology talks about a thing called “unconditional positive regard” that everyone needs to be happy. I don’t get much of that from my family but I DO find it in my friends.

I love my friends a LOT.