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HD Videogame Concepts. “Dragonfly” AIR CAR TECH NOIR: Escape from Deneb IV. v3 - Narrated Aircar Tech Noir: Escape from Deneb IV You were a champion aircar racer, once, Billions cheered across the galaxy as you took the Chrysalis Isla cup. That was a long time ago. Now you’re holed up in a warehouse in the Pink District at Deneb IV, beholden to the Paramon Mob and they just got into something deep. You’re not really sure what’s going down, but they’re busy with damage control and it’s the first chance you’ve had in a couple years to escape the warehouse. Make a run from them. You’ll have no one to turn to. Not the authorities, the Transhuman Overlords aren’t known for mercy to anyone, much less the outlaw denizens of the vast regions of the planet wide city they have gone offline on. It’s a dark age in the galaxy, and you’re deep in its darkest corners. But you can pilot. You flew in the Baal Wars with the Plieadian Royal Aircore. You raced in the most glamorous competitions in the galaxy. This is your chance. Your chance to ESCAPE FROM DENEB IV Music: Shane Morgan and The Sagittarian. Voice Narration of “No-Deal DePaulo” by Joel Surcai. CHRONOS PRODUCTIONS MOTION PICTURE STUDIO Based on the Books by Dante D’Anthony. 1 The Princess of Caldris 2 No-Deal Depaulo and the Core Pirates 3 Winteroud Sole and the Core Marauders 4 The Taloned Sire 5 Renegades of Ophelia’s World 6 Silurian World 7 The Magnificent Raiders of Dimension War 1 8 Havoc Storm

No discounts. [Closed RP]


He let out a chuckle at the comment about discounts, grinning back at the redhead. “I was jus’ kiddin’, anyways. I don’t expect anythin’ like that.” He sat down on a chair near where Max usually worked. “Sounds good t’me. T’be honest, I’ve had these bottles for a day or two now, an’ I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to finish even one of ‘em by myself.” The blonde watched Max work, making a face when he saw how dirty the gun was and how poorly maintained it had been. “Yeesh, that bad? Guess I am lucky it got stuck.” [scoutintheborderlands]

"You bet’cha sweet ass ya kiddin’, Boyo" He had seen this a million times before. Most of the Pandoran citizens thought it was okay to skip over gun maintenance because of the plethora of guns that existed on the planet. As an Engineer and a fledgeling Gungineer it hurt his soul to see people mistreat their guns. He had always been of the school of thought that if you took care of your weapon it would in turn take care of you.

Giving Shin a look as he started to scrub out the barrel “Ya one’a th’ lucky ones” Smirking he decided to spin another tale about how he ‘really got his robotic arm’ “Didn’ I ever tell ya? That’s ‘ow I got ol’ rusty, here” Wiggling his robotic fingers at the lad. This was probably the third completely different story he had told you about the origin of the prosthetic. 

shitfacedanon said:

Angel wanting to form a club for say like something she really likes and so posts flyers and other stuff around sanctuary, and then those somehow spread outside till bandits are finding them. and then before she knows it, she has her own bandit clan. And oddly enough they actually are fans of whatever thing she gushes about.

the official pandoran cute baby animals bandit crew

One, two, three, four..

Foot over foot, the hunter weaved in and out of the Psycho’s reach, blade in steady hand. Even, planned steps, like a dance, though he loathed the thought. Zer0 was no dancer. His profession held an elegance all its own and in turn he carried a certain grace, but to say he looked like a dancer was an insult. 

The Psychotic man at hand that moment screamed at him. It was all gibberish, funny, but crazed gibberish. He was the last patron of Zer0’s targeted camp, the rest had been left as bloody bodies to be buried with time by the Pandoran dust storms. For a brief moment he wondered what this man had been like before madness, how had he lived? Any family perhaps?Those thoughts were dispelled abruptly as the enemy gave another sudden burst of speed and gained those last steps on him. 

I tire of this game.. 

Like a switch Zer0’s curiosity, sympathy and mercy all disappeared and in a single sidestep, his blade was buried deep within the gut of the Psycho. The dead man sputtered. Choked. His arm twitched and the hunter’s arm swept outward, the razor edged blade cutting cleanly from his prey’s stomach, disemboweling the man and spraying the ground in crimson. 

Wiping the faithful tool upon his latest kill’s grimy shirt to rid if of most all the blood, Zer0 smirked behind his visor. 

Mission Clear. 

caedxs said:

"All your acting, your thin disguise, all your perfectly-delivered lines-- they don't fool me. You've been lonely too long."

             ”Maybe that’s true.”


             There were several constants in his life. His Sabre turret, for one. A Tediore assault rifle at his side, for another. The third, ever-present constant was the knowledge that he would inevitably be alone at the end of the day.

             But his daughter had found her way back to him, and without even trying, he’d found a place among the Vault Hunters. Near-death experiences on a daily basis, and dodging enemy gunfire had a way of forcing people to bond. Loneliness, he’d learned over the years, was not the same thing as being alone.

             He wasn’t alone anymore. So that simply left the matter of the former.

             Booker punched the assassin lightly on the arm, and smiled wrly. “You been readin’ philosophy books again?”

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Group Spotlight: Jesse Pinkman, Olaf, and Zoroark


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Finally enjoying the summer he’s always dreamed of, Olaf is mid-lounge on the Pandoran Beach when he’s stumbled upon by Jesse Pinkman. The two start up an unlikely acquaintance while, from the shadows, Zoroark and Zorua watch and wait to find out if the human and snowman are dangerous. Featuring:

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