So a few days ago I started getting up at 6 am every morning to go running (I know- WHY?!?!?! well… I call it running, but a more accurate description would probably be sweating and wheezing at a slight trot) and momentarily I began to believe that the early activity was improving my mind. You see, I had misplaced some items, but unlike most occasions I was able to recall their whereabouts with clarity within seconds. I thought to myself, “maybe this new routine is making me smarter!”

and then I had another thought while I was out, “What if instead of conventional torture, the bad guys induced all of your allergies at once and let you just sit there in misery?”

I don’t know what to say. 

Did I miss something?

So I’m just walking my dog and this kid comes over and pets my dog, then I pass a woman getting into a car and she smiles at me, then a bit farther down a flock of Mormons wave at me as they pass me by. Now, I’m all about friendliness, I try to spread it as much as I can, but I actually got a little nervous.
What did I just step into? Shiny Time Station???

Just Keep Swimming

I’ve got this rash; an allergic reaction to heat and dryness. I’ve had it all year round ever since I stopped being in synchronized swimming; a sport that had me in the water so much I’d have dreams about it.
Me + water = Healthy
Me + no water = strange scaly rash

I understand now. I’m a mermaid.


So not only is my dentist a gorgeous man but today when I had to go in for a crown he asked me if I was cold and wanted a blanket.

A blanket.For me? So luxurious… I could CRY!!

Of course I was too flabbergasted to say “YES!!”, I just sort of giggled, shrank into myself and muttered a mere, “No thank you.”

Really regretting not taking the blanket.

It was the best of times...

I was planning on ending my school day early in order to buckle down on a monster paper, then I realized I would have even more time if I simply cleared my schedule. I also realized that with this I could enjoy a lengthy lunchtime as well, so I turn to my best friend,

"What do you want to do today?" Best feeling ever.

Lunch was resplendent and my bestie and I were joined by some other good friends in what felt in my mind to be a banquet in the style of vikings! After this we all posse’d over to the Library to lay on huge bean bags and get down to business. Cheers to the most responsible delinquents ever to stroll a campus.