4 Hours.

Woah. it’s so close. I cleaned my house, about to take a shower. I never expected to see her so soon. I guess in my head I thought nah, something might come up. Then when it got to the final hours I feel butterflies and like I’m gonna eat everything.

Next update will be at the airport.

handwriting thingy, as u can see, i write very ugly with a mouse, but at least its legible xD
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So this will probably become a thing.  Over the last year a couple friends have sent me (someone not well-versed in kpop) numerous links to kpop videos, which I watch because they make me laugh.  (Also because they’re good, so.)  I recently searched through old facebook messages to find the interesting parts.

Here I watch “Come Back Home” by 2NE1.

I’m in green, and my lovely friend pandastic-luv is in blue.