4 Hours.

Woah. it’s so close. I cleaned my house, about to take a shower. I never expected to see her so soon. I guess in my head I thought nah, something might come up. Then when it got to the final hours I feel butterflies and like I’m gonna eat everything.

Next update will be at the airport.


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  1. Ship the person you got tagged from
  2. Answer questions
  3. Write down the kpop groups you wanna get shipped with
  4. Tag some blogs

1. Ship the person you got tagged from?

Infinite - Probably Sungyeol ; ;

SHINee - Jonghyun

Vixx - Leo

Bts - V

Haha if you’re curious about my thought process message me :)

2. Answer the questions

1. How old are you and what’s your Chinese zodiac/animal?

19 and boar ouo

2. What sun sign do you have?


3. What is your height?

errr around like 5’5 or 5’4 i really dont remember haha 

4. What kind of body shape do you have?

ummm average height….uhhh..kinda curvy and what not ouo chubby

5. Describe your fashion type?

I guess casual, cute , comfy? i dont know but i usually buy clothes that you can wear during spring and fall! like jeans flowly dresses…sneakers boots and cardigans/sweaters….yeah haha

6. What are your hobbies?

reading,writing, listening to music..gaming

7. Describe your personality!

Well, I’m Shy and i dont usually talk much but once you get to know me im fun and wild( not too wild thooo) and yeah i become someone that you can talk to and that person who can make you laugh when you’re upset…im also a kind of an idiot ..but yeah…charm! Im also kind and i help out those who need it….i’ve been told im very kind and stuff ouo

8. What do you like & dislike?

Likes: K-pop, pop in general, Maroon 5, food ( any type of food) animals, Games, fun people!, rilakuma, Molang,Cute things.

Dislikes:Ignorant people, rude people, the fat when it comes to eating meat :/ yeah no

9. Any other hints? (Photo is optional)

uhhhhh………well…ummmm /hides under a blanket. nopeee

About him/her

1. What kind of height do you prefer?

I guess same height as me or a little bit taller? o.o

2. What kind of position do you prefer? (vocal, rapper, visual etc.)

….Do i really have to choose?!?!?!?! D: omfg ummm well…..looking st my biases…most of them are vocal, dancers/rappers and sometimes visuals and maknaes…so…all of them!

3. Do you prefer innocent or sexy?

innocent kinda ; ; 

4. What are your turn ons?

OH GOD well….his voice when its kinda deep like T.O.P gosh that man..Um messy hair, ummmm hip thrusts are a turn on omfg and when they sing and act cute when they’re flirting. and yeah their smile and humor and sometimes the way they dress~ like in a suit!

5. What are your turn offs?

being a jerk, being a flirt when we are together, being too cocky, bossy,rude and what not.

6. What kind of fear would be okay for them to have?

i guess……well im not really sure, any fear is fine!…as long as its not too serious you know? 

7. What would be your an ideal date for you?

Mines is so cheesy omfg:

My ideal date would be going to a carnival and playing different games and winning prizes.  Then we would go eat funnel cakes and cotton candy and maybe hold hands <3 Then when the sun is setting, we would go on the ferris wheel and watch the sunset and just look at the night sky and…yeah <3 ; u ;

8. Any other hints?

He must learn to appreciate my weirdness and Childish act! and that he wouldnt judge any of my decisions…like…me spending money on ice cream and what not ; u ; but he should also be childish with me! and we can act weird together~ haha

3. Write down the kpop groups you wanna get shipped with


4. Tag some blogs to do this

Taggingggg….well then..i shall tagg…

laviniabeniim pandastic-luv minyoonco leannluvftinfinee cherrymato and xmiau !!! ouo

Thank you for giving me this opportunity~ <3