Semi-Urgent Open Commissions!

Alright, doods, here’s my situation as it stands.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple months back. The doctors got it all out as far as we know. So she’s healthy. Wonderful, I know! :D Unfortunately, in the time she was laid out from surgery, she lost one of the two jobs she worked at part-time to round out her bills. About a month or two ago, I left my job. I’m still looking, but where I live, it is very sparse when it comes to work. Doctor bills are coming in for her and I got bills of my own to pay off. Needless to say, we’re in a bit of a financial bind.

So I’m reaching out to you guys for help!

Starting today until (probably indefinitely?), I’d like to open sketch commissions of pretty much all kind. If you want it drawn, I’ll do the best of my abilities to do so.  

That’s right! Portrait (large resolution or Tumblr size), bust, or full body. You name it. Including but not limited to: Humans, furries, animals, your mom, my mom, oc’s, your c’s, my c’s, the OC, Warcraft characters, tv characters, movie characters, space aliens, migrant aliens, sonic, pokemon, digimon, sony, nintendo, microsoft, monsters, monster girls, monster boys, AND THAT’S NOT ALL.

If you want cars/trucks, speeders, or space-ships, I can do that too (or die trying)! 

Let me clarify that these will be sketches without backgrounds. They will not be fully inked and shaded or colored. It will all be digital though, in the format of your choice (I work with Manga Studio’s native format though so if you want it in a different file type let me know!! :D) If you do want colors, however, I can color them for an additional, but ever so reasonable price. The sketches, however, will be cleaned up and not sloppy scribbles. Let’s keep it sfw for now though, alright? :D (my nsfw game is sub-par :/)

Pricing shall go as follows (all prices will be listed in USD. Pricing may vary with level of detail):

Portrait (can be from neck up or bust): 5 bucks (simple backgrounds and choice of colors with or without highlights for free! :D)

Full body: 10 bucks (+2 for flat colors or +4 for colors w/highlights and shading)

Vehicles: 15~ (Pricing on vehicles will vary with detail. +7 for colors with highlights and shading. Add a character to the scene for 5 bucks more!)


Alright! If you have any questions, feel free to message or ask me! All transactions will be handled through paypal. Finished art will be delivered via e-mail and posted to my tumblr (if you so desire, if not that’s all gravy!) after payment is cleared. No cash or cod. :P

Any and all signal boosting will be appreciated!! Thanks doods!! :D