The End of the World
  • The End of the World
  • Michael McCann
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The End of the World

Original composition and samples by Michael McCann. Mixed into a 11:20 extension by yours truly (

Much like the Tai Yong Medical Suite, this mix is different in that it involves a lot of tracks to make the whole. In this case, the 9 tracks that make up the entirety of Panchaea have been woven to tell a story.

The tracks are Entering Panchaea, Panchaea Hanger (Ambient/Stress), Panchaea Tower (Ambient/Stress), Panchaea Ring (Ambient/Stress), and Panchaea Machinery (Ambient/Stress). The whole piece basically leads up to my first mix, HYRON, quite nicely. 

I really enjoy the various tracks McCann wrote for Panchaea. It really gives you a sense of being trapped, alone, before evolving into a much more sinister feel as the area “awakens” with the crazed civilians. It’s the kind of creepy I like. 

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Sketch for a marker piece I have been wanting to do, because knowing me, I will probably ruin it somewhere along the way~.;D

  Anyway, DX:HR x Powerman 5000’s Nobody’s Real. Because it is perfect for DX: HR~.

 I may add more sketch detail before adding colour, because I kinda think I wanna mix details based on the vintage-y sci-fi kinda stuff that the album “Nobody’s Real” comes from (Tonight the Stars Revolt!) in with the Cyber Renaissance theming of DX:HR. So yeah, time to crack open the CD case and see what inspiration I can find~. And yeah, Eliza isn’t technically a robot, but close enough. Because it’s “rockets and robots can save your life”,not “rockets and robots will be the end of your life” as is the case with all the actual robots in DX: HR~.;D

anonymous said:

Got any info of what happened exactly on Panachea?

Follower, all I know is that my theory was right. Panchaea was NOT some “cure-all” as Darrow claimed to save the world. NO! It was an illuminati scheme to have all augmented people go mad and try and kill us, using it as a massive beacon! Steve is still checking the net for any word on who it was that stopped the signal, but I promise I will keep you informed followers as I know more.