Jalapeno Pancake Poppers

This recipe could easily substitute the jalapenos for cauliflower, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes…or venture into the chicken nugget world by using this simple batter. If you are using a raw vegetable, I would suggest to boil or blanch them to halfway cook them, since the frying process doesn’t completely cook the food. (Unless maybe I had the heat too high for the oil…very possible) One thing for sure is that these jalapenos were ridiculously hot! I’m not sure if maybe I should have blanched them first, or if these were some legit jalapenos! Either way they were still delicious. For those that didn’t care for cream cheese, I just deep fried slices. As for the ones with cream cheese, I cut the tops off, and then halved the jalapenos. I was sure to core out the seeds and then I evenly spread cream cheese in jalapeno halves. From there, I whipped up a batter composed of pancake mix and water. Don’t pay attention to the preparation instructions, just have a very thick consistency so that the entire pepper will be covered. Possibly a ratio of about a cup of flour to ½ cup of water.( I’m only guessing off the top of my head–I rarely measure anything with spoons/cups.) I dunked the jalapeno/cream cheese things and rolled them in the batter until the oil was ready. I heated a small pot of canola oil (2 inch deep of oil) on high heat for about five minutes, and then when I added my peppers, I dropped the heat to about medium-high so that I didn’t burn them. When trying to fry, it may take a few trial and errors to understand the frying process because everyone’s stove/burners are different.