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Perhaps the oldest film of the Philippines you can find on youtube, this film was taken on March 23, 1900, filmed by American filmmaker Raymond Ackerman, right after the Battle of Mt. Arayat at Pampanga—one of the battles of the Philippine-American War. The film shows the U.S. Twenty-fifth Regiment, formerly led by Lt. William T. Schneck. They fought the Filipino forces who made Mt. Arayat their base. On January 6, 1900, Schneck wrote of an encounter with a Filipino soldier:

"When we got within forty or fifty feet of the top I saw one of the insurgents, and he seemed to locate me at the same time, and let drive, and the bullet went right over me. I yelled at one of the men on my right to kill the ‘hombre,’ and two of the scouts let drive and missed. Then I took a rifle away from one of the men and fired. The bullet struck a root in front of the insurgent and went through, missing him by not more than six inches. I thought I had him sure and crept up a little higher. Then he ran up and I ducked and he landed a bullet between me and Sergeant Lightfoot. A mighty close-shave—worse than the first. I got mad then and dragged out my pistol, handed back the rifle, and crept up on my stomach under a rock, and then raised up and fired a shot at him. This time I was not thirty feet away. My pistol missed fire the second time and I dropped back. The stone protected me and I lay there and looked around to see how many men there were with me. Martin was on my left and Lightfoot on my right with three other men—and that was all we had. So I knew we would have to get some more there or else we were all gone… Just then someone in the rear and then the whole outfit—about seventy men—turned loose. We poor devils on a hill were right in it then. Three bullets hit just below my feet, fired by my own men. The insurgent tried another shot at me, which went high—thanks be to God—and the rock. I curled up like a worm to make a small target for my men, and yelled like a stuck pig to cease firing." 

*Quoted by David Sibley, A War of Frontier and Empire: The Philippine-American War, 1899-1902, p. 130.

Schneck died in an ambush by Filipino forces a few weeks later. 

The Sangleys of Pampanga

Have you ever wondered why there are tons of Filipinos with Chinese surnames? Probably not, because most of us know that at some point in our history, the Chinese were already here even before the archipelago was called the Philippines. The Filipino-Chinese are prominent because they are the forerunners in the fields of trade and industry which spanned their legacy from the pre-Hispanic Philippines to date.

There is no doubt the Chinese merchants reached the archipelago through sail since, nautically-speaking, the island of Luzon isn’t that far from mainland China. And if the Chinese merchants reached the islands through boats and ships, it is undeniable they could have navigated through rivers and creeks. 

The communities in the pre-Hispanic Pampanga thrived in the village of Betis which was

…muy poblado de gente y e la más fortificado de toda la isla de Luzón… (…well-populated, the most fortified throughout the island of Luzon)”

as well as the settlements in Lubao certainly had Chinese merchants for trade interactions and exploration. A century and a half after the first contact of the Spaniards to the natives (1738 to be precise), the Chinese mestizos numbered up to 3480 in Pampanga. Then 24 years later, the Chinese migrated in “large flocks to Guagua” which was probably because they allied with the British forces, where they also “joined in their military campaigns, set fire to many towns, desecrated the churches, killed several Spaniards, and even tortured a few priests.” This happened in the aftermath of the British occupation of Manila in 1762-1764.

Another event the Spanish era, a mysterious disappearance of the Sangley colony established by the royal cedula in April 27, 1784 in the Pinac (Swamp) region of Candaba happened in 1850. The traces of this colony comprised of 200 Christian Chinese was nowhere to be found. Adding to that, there was an excavation in 1937 facilitated by Professor Henry Otley Beyer and Henry Costenoble. The excavation unearthed Chinese burial jars from Southern China at barrio Dolores in Hacienda Ramona, north of Porac. These burial jars were dated back from the 3rd century of the Christian era.

Today, the Chinese influence on Kapampangans lives on. There are certain words that were borrowed from their language. This is the result of interracial marriage and because of trade and commercial purposes. Family-related terms such as ápû 阿婆 (maternal grandmother), impû 外婆 (paternal grandmother), ingkung 外公 (paternal grandfather), atchi 阿姐 (eldest sister), koya 哥仔 (eldest brother) are loan words from the Cantonese and Hokkien languages which are widely used in Kapampangan households especially those of Chinese descent. 


It wasn’t my first time in Pampanga. I’ve been there several times during summer when I visit my cousins or during the Hot Air Balloon festival but I’ve never been to any of their shopping malls thinking that there is nothing special about them. But my recent invite from SM City Clark changed my perception—I actually love it there! It was my first time in SM City Clark and it’s definitely not my last. It’s an understatement to say I had a good time!

I had the most awesome time! I got to explore the newly renovated mall—I went to the newly-opened Caffe Bene, got a haircut at Bangs by Tony & Jackey Salon (which opened today as well), watched Elysium at the IMAX Theatre (it’s the first and only one in Central Luzon), had some Japanese, Thai and Filipino food at the Food Court and of course, no malling trip is complete without some shopping!

Everything I’m wearing here today can be found at SM City Clark! I had a hard time choosing which brands and clothes to feature (there are just too many! Watch for the opening of Forever21, Cotton On, Uniqlo and many more!) so I kinda just threw in everything here, haha! I hope I don’t look like a mess! I’m inviting all the Kapampangans to go to SM City Clark’s 3-Day Sale this September 13-15! Save up and splurge! You deserve it! Or get a head start in doing your Christmas shopping! 


What I’m wearing: shirt (Penshoppe), white leather vest (Surplus Shop), sweatshirt used as a wraparound (Surplus Shop), jeans (Penshoppe), leather cap (Oxygen), watch (Original Penguin), tumbler (Surplus Shop), shoes (Pedro). Hype this on lookbook here.


White leather vest from Surplus Shop | Mesh shirt from Penshoppe | Striped sweatshirt used as a wraparound from Surplus Shop 


Scored this white leather vest yesterday at Surplus Shop! What a steal! Surplus carries a wide selection of international branded export excess merchandise. I used to shop at Surplus all the time when I was in high school—especially during my tipid days! Haha! 


Mesh shirt from Penshoppe | Of course I can’t just wear a plain shirt. Haha! I’m crazy for anything mesh right now because it adds texture to the outfit and makes it look athletic. Penshoppe is just one of the many brands which will be part of SM City Clark’s 3-Day Sale this Friday to Sunday! 


Photos by Alejandro Taag



First and foremost, Nag-enjoy ako. You were great, guys! You did your part. It would never be almost as big as before without you, and I did not expect such crowd!

Second, Good job ginniemouse and ecamazing (thanks pala eca sa bracelets! They were great!) kase kung wala kayo, konti lang tayo, and you did your part excellently! 

Third, nandyan si tumblr crush, weewooweewoo

Lastly, it is my first ever organizing experience, dati patulong-tulong lang ako, pero it worked pretty well, pero it did not meet my expectations, pero satisfied na’ko. Hehehehehehe

Bago ako pumunta ng Marquee, nagprepare muna siyempre, gumising ng 8AM, Kain, produce(Music), ligo, bihis, alis. 10:55 ako umalis and nakarating ako ng 11AM sakto. Tapos lumibot muna ako ng Marquee Mall because I usually do that shit before meetup. Tapos may mga anon messengers na’ng nagtext sa’kin, pero pinapunta ko sila ng converse para ma-identify ko sila. So, una kong nakita si Ysa, tapos nagkwentuhan kami ng medyo matagal. Tapos no’n, tinext na’ko ni Vajaira, pero akala ko talaga, siya lang mag-isa, kasama pala si Zac, Monching(?) basta si batangcuteangle, tsaka si janpol mylabs. Tapos no’n dumating na si gelgel tapos nag move-on na kami sa actual na rendezvous dahil nandoon na daw si Orange (Justin). Kasama na niya si nicole(?) (theonlypizzaprincess) tapos lumabas lang kami saglit ng companion ko, which is kararating lang sa meet place. Bago kami lumabas, nakita na namin sina justinzoned tsaka marjmallow tas lumabas na. Pagbalik namin, dumami na sila, nandoon na sina pandaaaberries, tsaka sina diabria, feelingerongbata hanggang sa dumami na kami, pero kararating na lang din no’n ng mga tagalog (haha racist ba) tapos nagstart na kami.

Nagstart kami sa tinder tapos medyo sumasaya na. Then, sabi nila na gutom na sila, bale nag mcdo kami, tapos yung mga taga manila, nag jollibee. Sumabay ako du’n sa mga kapampangan, tutal hawak ko sila, tapos nag-order sila. Ako nag-order ako sa KFC kase konti ang pila, tsaka gusto ko naman sa kFC. Tapos no’n, kumain na kami, kaya pala umalis saglit si vajaira, kase bumili pala ng donuts sa KK, ode solb solb talaga, pero may nagdeliver din ng pizza galing greenwich, edi mas lalong solb solb haha. 

After 1 hour, pero pinag-usapan is 30 minutes, dumiretso na kami sa rendezvous, nung magkita-kita na kami, dumeretso na kami sa actual na event place, which is ‘yung park. Hindi ganoon ka-successful ‘yung second activity kase hindi ko sila na-inform ng maayos, my bad talaga. Tapos ‘yung iba, nakipag-cooperate kahit papaano. Sila ‘yung nakakuha ng good benefits kase marami silang mafa-follow nyenye haha. Proceed na kami no’n sa third and last activity which is first impressions. Eto ‘yung pinaka sweet na souvenir na pwede kong mai-offer sa kanila, kase memories ang nagdala, hindi materials(Thanks to my psych prof) tapos no’n, nag-enjoy sila. 

Nagpicturan na sila after ng activities, tapos namigay na din ng bracelets si Eca, as souvenirs. Tapos, 1/3 agad ang nawala sa’min kase ang 1/3 ay galing sa manila, then, nagpaalam agad ‘yung isa pang 1/3 kase ‘yung iba, kelangan nang umuwi, tapos ‘yung iba, malayo ang uuwian. So kaming last na 1/3, nagstay pa sa marquee, wala lang, post meetup kwentuhan, tapos dumating si awkwardrobecraft(jham) at sobrang late na, pero inentertain parin namin. 

grabe guys, ang saya. Worth it ang pre-meet-up preparation ko na hindi ganoon ka effort haha. Thank you ulit, sana maulit ‘to!

  • A bike stops at a pretty girl who's about to jump at the bridge..
  • Biker :Miss, please don't do that please..
  • Girl :I will jump !
  • Biker :Can you give me final KISS before you jump?
  • She quietly accepted & gave him odd of a deepest kisses ever..
  • Biker :Wow ! That was the best kiss I ever had ! So, why are you committing suicide ?
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Girl:because my parents don't like me dressing up like a GIRL. By the way, I'm CARLO..

It’s here! The details have been finally released! Tinulungan ko kasing mag-organize ng meet si Earl, so na-excite SIYA MISMO dun sa suggestions and shit. So, okay, here’s a short review about the meetup:

  • Venue. Ito ‘yung pinaka asses sa meetup. Bago or after ng meetup, pwede kang lumibot around HAU. May rides, events tsaka shows dahil University Days sa Univ namin. You can have fun with your friends and your newly met(s) after ng meet.
  • Experience. First time mong mag meetup? We’ll do our very best para ma-fulfill namin ‘yung first meetup mo. At dun sa mga nag-attend na dati, gumawa kami ng ways para maging extra ordinary ‘yung meet. Masaya dito, dadami pa tumblr friends mo!
  • Photography. Importante ‘yon. Kukuhanan namin kayo ng pictures para may digital souvenirs kayo. Don’t worry, marami ‘to!
  • Activities. Boring ‘pag magkakakila-kilala nalang kayo ng ganun-ganun lang, ‘di ba? Ba’t ‘di nga naman natin lagyan ng activities? In this way, mas manu-nurture pa bond ninyo. We made this possible by the power of FRENCH FRIES! (jk) 
  • Awarding. Ewan ko kung first kami sa kasaysayan ng tumblr meetups sa awarding or what, pero magi-include kami neto para mafeel ninyong proud kayo sa sarili ninyo. 

'Yun na 'yung short review, ginawa na din namin 'yung lahat ng activities tsaka konting mechanics sa meet. Oo nga pala, may Piso Per Kiss  System tayo so magdala na din kayo ng barya ninyo.

Heto pala ‘yung Group Page ng Tumblr Pampanga. Inquire lang kayo dito if ever may mga inquiries kayo. gagawin ko lahat para sagutin ang questions ninyo at gagawin ko ang lahat para ma-satisfy ko kayo.

So ‘yung main details is:

  • Jan. 25 ang Tumblr Meetup.
  • 4:30-6:30 ang ETA ng meetup, so don’t be late if you don’t want to miss a thing.
  • Bring your pens and at least two sheets of paper (any kind) kapag wala kayo, okay lang, okay lang naman din na wala kayo eh (joke siyempre okay lang talaga na wala pero di okay na wala kayo)
  • Bring your special-edition self.
  • Bring your cameras para mas masaya!

So, ‘yun. We will post more ideas and stuff soon. Have a good day!