So I currently had a photo show curated by the lovely Ophelia Chong titled “LA Drive Bye” with many Art Center photo students and grads.

I took it upon myself as a challenge to shoot strangers in LA, with their permission of course for the photo show.
It was definitely a challenge for me, being that I am an incredibly shy person and had to go up to strangers and ask if I could take their portrait, many of course said no but the few that did encouraged me to keep going.
These are two people that let me take their portrait, so thank you Ophelia, for giving me the opportunity to do something that i’ve never done before and have it displayed in an art show in LA.

©Pamela Tenorio/

so i’m graduating in less than a month.
i’ve been working on my grad show which is why i haven’t really updated my blog in a while.
these are a couple of outtakes from what my show will be, a series of portraits of my sisters and myself included in them.

i have been blessed to get such wonderful sisters, and wanted to show our relationship and just show honesty.

we shall see how it goes….

©Pamela Tenorio/