So I have this thing where whenever I’m at rarilight ‘s house and there is booze involved I’ll start drawing ponies. this ONLY happens when I’m drinking for some reason and she practically shoves pencils up my nose  so I’ll draw her things, and usually I do because hey, it’s another drawing style to practice.

Anyway rarilight practically begged me to post one of my drunk doodles after I started rambling out an AU for them (like a serious AU with plot and everything, she was very surprised considering that it’s very rare that I sit myself down to watch MLP, let alone draw it, but drunk pao rambles)  and I thought that it’d be nice to share this for any MLP fans that might follow me so enjoy!

if you wanna hear more about the AU i made up while quite drunk head over to rarilight’s blog! she’s gonna write it all out.