I felt that Anna, Kristoff and Elsa’s lovelife state is quite similar to Adakias, Anhura and Pallis. The younger sibling with their significant other, happily in love and believing in true love,. and the older sibling who puts their job before their lovelife cuz they don’t believe in true love so much. So this crossover was made. And gosh dang it sometimes I fail to make the characters’ dialogues precisely in-character with them.

Suddenly Jack Frost & Pitch Black because come on you guys saw it coming.

The Hallucination

This real life experience was shared with Sixpenceee by Lucy

Is it possible that there are miracles and mysteries happening to us everyday, but because it would be mentally impossible to have to confront them in between getting homework done or meeting work deadlines our minds silence them, explain them away as quickly as they happen. So we forget those little moments of other until in a quiet moment of boredom we are struck with an uncomfortable little twinge of memory. This has happened to me at least once but now I wonder if there have been many more instances.

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Adakias was part of the prophecy, but he wasn’t The Chosen One. The boy that The Oracle spoke of was actually Pallis. He and Anhura used their respective reigns to unite the dark and light through true love- not love for each other, but the mutual love they had for Adakias.

Explanation: I always though it was curious that the details of the prophecy applied to both brothers, not just Adakias (i.e. they are both male descendants of Ahrima who successfully crossed the mountain and ended up meeting Anhura). Additionally, The Oracle never specified that it was each other that the “two chosen, bound to meet” would love, and the Bawaba Brothers never specified what part of the prophecy Adakias would play, merely that he had his own destined path.

I’ve been looking for details that contradict this theory just in case I’m talking out my butt here. If you find one, note me or something.