prince--consort said:

pssst, if you make a fantroll, I totally want to do fantroll RPs with you :0 I have a serious fantroll problem, and I'm sure anything you make would be hells of cool. :>

I’d love that! I don’t have a picture for my fantroll yet, but I have most of everything else.

Name: Palini Aureol

Gender: Male

Blood: Indigo (Equius’s caste)

Symbol: ♄(Astrological symbol for Saturn) (I’m going to change this though since I know another fantroll with this symbol)

Horns: Longish curving inward to make a circle

Quirk: Capitalizes O’s (I think this quirk is kind of lame, though; I want to change it eventually)


Your name is PALINI AURELO.

You are fascinated by GEOMETRICAL PATTERNS, particularly those involving CIRCLES, and your hive is decorated with them somewhat CARELESSLY, seeing as you are SORT OF A CARELESS PERSON. You simply do not understand how other people can be so blase about such intriguing things. Related to the above is your collection of GYROSCOPES, which you keep around simply because you find them MESMERIZING, and MECHANICAL DEVICES, which lie in assorted states of dismemberment with their insides FULLY VISIBLE. 

Your ChumpRoll is full of lots of FRIENDS who are all very important to you, although you often find yourself INSECURE about what they actually think of you. And you’re not sure you’re READY FOR QUADRANTS.

Your trolltag is *orbitalOntology* and you *speak in a manner that conveys the 





at all times!*