Mr. President, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and all who commit to ending any racial divide, no more playing the race card.

Sarah Palin, in a Facebook post.

Only Sarah can do that. Only Sarah can say what another person can do. Only Sarah can define and use her very own biased version of ‘race card”. 

Unemployed Republican politicians say the darndest things.

Does anyone remember that time Sarah Palin stood up for Martin Bashir’s right to free speech exactly one month ago? No? You know why you don’t remember? Well, don’t worry, it’s not because she knew that it wasn’t a free speech issue (which it was not). It was because she thought he *should* be fired for the horrible things he said about her.

"Consequence-free speech for people who spit the kind of bile I believe in" isn’t a very catchy slogan, but it’s sadly what most people believe. They just keep calling it "free speech" because they’re either not very smart or because they know that "consequence-free" might not sit well with their base.

Less than five hours after the launch of The Sarah Palin Channel, the fledgling online subscription-based network has landed itself in a major controversy, after a person being interviewed by Palin herself repeatedly referred to President Barack Obama using the highly offensive “N” word.

During The Sarah Palin Channel’s launch event on Sunday evening, Palin sat down for a live “Real America” interview with George Seymour, 58, a coal miner from Bowling Green, Kentucky, as a part of what Palin had hoped would be “a series of interviews with real Americans, from real America, offering real American perspectives.”

During the thirty-minute interview, Palin asked Seymour about taxes, government regulations, and even international affairs, taking in the regular Joe’s amateur perspective on Russia’s acts of aggression toward the Ukraine and the most recent conflict between Israel and Palestine. But when she asked Seymour what he thought about Barack Obama’s presidency, the network’s first real scandal broke.

“I hate that n,” Seymour said angrily. “I call him `N Hitler.’ He wants to stick everyone that don’t agree with him in concentration camps [and] make us wear the mark of the beast. He’s a Muslim, gay-loving n* Hitler and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wish he was dead or in jail.”

Palin seemed nonplussed with regards to Seymour’s incendiary comments. “[Laughing] well George, that’s the kind of honest opinion we’re looking for here on the Sarah Palin Channel. Unedited real talk from a real American like yourself is always welcome here.”

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5 Bizarre Ways Politics Influences Your Personal Life

#5. Our Political Beliefs Dictate Who We Marry

As you slam dance through the mosh pit of life, hoping to “accidentally” cold-cock your future spouse, studies show that you are inexorably drawn toward someone who shares your political beliefs. In fact, researchers have found that politics are a more important factor in mate determination than physical attractiveness and (gasp!) personality.

Professor John Alford, the author of the study, even suggests that hopeful romantics should “skip ‘what’s your sign’ and go straight to ‘Obama or Palin?’”

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