Jesus, I was gonna do so much more FX practice but I spent over 3 hours just trying to figure out a way to save gifs without raping the quality. I tried changing so many settings, googling everything, downloading swf to gif conversion software, etc. 3-4 hours to save a 30 minute test, ugh. Luckily I won’t have to waste that much time next time. If you’re interested in the fix of saving high-res gifs from flash (and the problems with it), read on.

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Just been one of those periodic “why do I draw, this shit isn’t even fun” days, and I spent all day drawing nothing and rolling around. I try to avoid going to bed on a bad note, so I dug through my head and decided to try drawing what I found so fun that it got me into drawing in the first place.

Even if my interest in the show has gone down, I always give it props for getting me into art in the first place. That being said, I can’t draw consistent pony heads for shit :’)

Hahahahahaha holy fuck, I don’t even know man. I still have the first animation I made, which was 2 years ago, and it is fucking glorious. Can’t even begin to choose my favorite part of this. Oh lawd, I’m gonna go bike and then draw some more afterwards because I’m laughing too hard to use a pen right now.

Also pone animation is on my list, just a matter of time :3

I fucking hate this shit, but I spent too long on it to not post it. Decided to put it on this account because it’s too embarrassing to post on the other. Anyways, it’s for the CHOW#4 “Hive Queen” challenge. I had a coherent idea at the start, but as the hours passed, it slowly changed into god know’s what. I just want to stab my eyes out right now.

Found a request I forgot about that I did for /a/ and cleaned it up a bit. Someone asked me to do a “flat chested oni,” which I thought was cute, instead of what you’d normally expect on 4chan…