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Omg I finally made a ref for my asshole paladin.  It might be half-assed but hey it’s something lol. This is mostly for commissions and RP profiles.

Couple things:

  • If you use these refs for whatever, you do NOT have to be super accurate.  Outfits, colors, whatever.  Do what looks best to you!
  • I always overcomplicate armor lol so if that’s not your thing, don’t be afraid to simplify!  Example: I simplified his Wrathful tabard.
  • Or if you like overcomplicating things you can do that too!  Example: add other details and designs to his clothing if you wanna idk

*If you MUST know why he’s a lobster sometimeshere’s a comic or two about it lol.

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I’ve got mad hots for the paladin.

I assume you mean this image?


Her name is Xiang Fei, a Chinese woman of a Muslim ethnic minority there (of the Uighur peoples), wearing Italian plate armor.

Here’s another image of her wearing it during a procession:


From an earlier post (<—more at link):

Evidence is suggestive that this was an accustomed mode of dress for Xiang Fei, and allusions to the untranslated documents make it clear that this woman was a focal point and mediator between the Han Chinese and the newly conquered Muslim territories. Her contributions to China and specifically the Uighur are also recounted in Uighur oral traditions as well as historical documents and the untranslated texts by Yu and Dong (1985).

Voice of the Deeps

Gurthalak is empowered by fear and other negative emotions such as anger and grief. It manifests these emotions as tendrils of pure chaotic energy that sear the mind and harvest terror from the hearts of mortals.”

Standard MO for old god remnants, really.  It can feed itself easily this way but it’s still relatively weak and needs a wielder.  

No context for this one yet but you can probably figure out some of it lol

  • DM:You want to play 'The Sound of Silence' on a... blade of grass?
  • Paladin:Yeah.
  • DM:You'll need to make three checks. Roll for Craft, a Bluff check to maintain your disguise, and a Perform.
  • Paladin:*Rolls an 3, a 20, and a 3*
  • DM:You go to pluck a blade of grass, but instead of neatly grabbing just one, you pull up a chunk of turf and have to shake the dirt off the end. Your Paladin turns and gives the enemy commander a 'I'm about to rock your world' look - he seems into it, surprisingly. She brings the blade of grass up to her lips, and...
  • Paladin:And?
  • DM:*makes a raspberry noise*