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I've been accused by other Pakistanis and Bengalis of culturally appropriating my own culture by wearing a bindi. I started wearing one to school and this Bengali girl started lecturing me about how I'm offending Indians by wearing one bc I am Pakistani and it really upset me. I am half Indian but I tend to just say Pakistani if people ask plus other countries besides India have bindis In their culture and it just shows the lack of knowledges desi's have about the cultures and countries.

I’m sorry to hear that, you shouldn’t have to hide that part of your identity :( 


Muniba Mazari, a wheelchair bound painter whose twitter bio reads, “ An optimist who is physically challenged & differently able.” 

“Although it is hard to paint being a paraplegic, it is not easy to paint with a free mind when you are wheelchair bound, yet I know it is the only way through which I can spread the message of strength and courage. So I forget my pain and paint for myself, I paint for people as I believe in spreading the message of ‘Never Give Up’.”

if you are here because of my post about pakistani people

I have provided the links of where I got each and every single picture from.

Sure, you guys might find the original source for some of them, but keep this in mind:

  • I wrote the post five minutes before getting dressed to leave for a party
  • I don’t have time to check for the primary source of every single thing I upload on here

the point of the post was to show people that Pakistan is a diverse nation full of many different ethnicities. it is wrong of us to stereotype all Pakistanis as looking a certain way. sure, some of the photographs might not be of Pakistani people, but even if I did change them to pictures of actual kids from the same ethnic background, the message would still be the same.

so stop sending me those shit asks making it sound like I am some sort of an evil blogger out to deceive the general unsuspecting population of the internet

you know what? forget the fucking pictures. let’s talk about the actual PEOPLE for a second.

there. forget the pictures. lets pretend they’re all fake and I invented those people in my head

but can we please at least fucking acknowledge the existence of the aforementioned people?!

no one will remember the specific faces of the people in the pictures, but people will remember their characteristics (the texture and color of their hair, the color of their eyes and skin, and other unique physical features). 

that’s literally all I wanted people to get from my post. 

PAKISTAN: ' ICMICA Pakistan Role of Youth in Peace Building '

PAKISTAN: ‘ ICMICA Pakistan Role of Youth in Peace Building ‘

#AceGuestNews – PAKISTAN – September 03 – Youth can play a crucial role in positively transforming conflict situations and building peaceful societies. In countries like Pakistan, where peace and stability seem a far-fetched idea for most, investing into young people to build their synergies and unity is the need of hour.

Moreover, the current turmoil calls for youth in Pakistan to become…

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8 Killed in Clashes with Police in Pakistan

8 Killed in Clashes with Police in Pakistan

At least eight people are dead and more than 80 wounded in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore after police clashed with followers of a Muslim cleric critical of the Pakistani government.

The cleric, Tahir-ul-Qadri, lives in Canada but is scheduled to return to Pakistan on June 23 to rally against the government.

Tuesday’s clashes erupted when police tried to move barricades set up by Qadri’s supporters outside his home and administrative office.

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Dollar-Hoarding Shows Pakistanis Dont Trust Rupee Rally

Dollar-Hoarding Shows Pakistanis Dont Trust Rupee Rally

pakistani dont trust rupee

The Pakistan rupee’s biggest rally in 16 years has been nothing but a tease for Nazim Salim.

Seeing it as an opportunity to settle an old debt in dollars cheaply, he sought out Karachi’s money changers to buy $200. Yet all four traders Salim approached in the kerb market, as it is known to Pakistanis, had the same answer: They had no dollars to sell him.

The hoarding of…

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Basically, Bangladeshis should not be using slurs against Pakistanis, but at the same time Pakistani people need to acknowledge their privilege, recognize the genocide which nearly destroyed our country, and stop marginalizing and stereotyping Bangladeshis in the South Asian community. There is a huge Pakistani (and to a lesser extent, Indian) sentiment where Bangladeshis are seen as inferior, and this imacts Bangladeshi people around the world.

But like why does it feel like brown people are invisible in the media. Like we get no coverage and like the brown actresses actors singers dancers in the western media are practically invisible most of the time. It’s disheartening for young brown people who want to go into the media industry because it feels almost impossible.

loitim-na-cruthaim replied to your post: Guess who’s suspended for a week?

what happened?

tvventyonepilot replied to your post: Guess who’s suspended for a week?

oh gosh what happened ?

Apparently my school gets more angry when a football player is punched than when the aforementioned football player is constantly racist and Islamophobic to another student.