Around the world people hold vigils for students killed at the Garissa University College:

Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela / Capetown, South Africa / Karachi, Pakistan / Paris, France / Cornell University, USA /University of Central Florida, USA / Nairobi, Kenya / Toronto, Canada /Kampala, Uganda / London, Canada / Flint, USA / Helsinki, Finland /  Sweden / Harvard, USA /

Thank you for keeping Garissa in your thoughts and in your hearts


Khalil Chishtee (Pakistani, b. 1964, Pakistan, Brooklyn-based) - 1,2: Pursuit (+detail), 2007 Life Size, White Trash Bags  3: Collector, 2007 Life Size, Black, White Trash Bags  4: Unbearable Lightness Of Being II, 2011 Life Size, White Trash Bags  5: Out Of The Frying Pan, 2007 Life Size, Black, White Trash Bags  6: Winged Loser, 2008 White Trash Bags + Other  7: You Believed In Me And I Had Faith In The String, 2009 White Trash Bags  8: Ladder, 2011 White Trash Bags  9: Your Success My Failure (detail), 2007 White Trash Bags                


pakistan is home to over 1.6 million registered afghan refugees, the largest and most protracted refugee population in the world. most live without electricity, running water and other basic services in the outskirts of islamabad and rawalpindi. 

but notes photographer zohra bensemra, these slums "can be home to all sorts of communities - christians, shi’ites, afghan refugees, or pakistanis fleeing violence or seeking jobs,” 

she adds, “whatever their background, they all face the same struggles in their daily lives. […but] despite the desperate poverty, there are moments of stillness and beauty in the slums.” 

“one thing that always amazes me is that no one complains about their difficult life. here, people seem far more accepting. they smile and make jokes. people are determined to make their lives better.“

additional photos by muhammed muheisen


Posting pictures of me and my cousins in cultural desi garb from this past winter at my cousin’s wedding. I don’t wear bindis as I am Muslim but I wanted to join the movement and message of reclaiming the bindi, as our cultures as South Asian & Arab peoples have been stolen for entertainment and profit. I used to feel very ashamed and insecure to wear shalwarkameez as a child, because no one else wore them in my life growing up. Now, I am happier than ever to embrace my cultural identity and clothing. Our cultures are not costumes, and we will take back what is rightfully ours.


As I read and see these beautiful posts of brown women reclaiming our badass and gorgeous culture…I couldn’t help but feel inspired.
I don’t wear bindis but here I go.
I wish I took more photos of my self.
This for the times I was embarrassed of liking desi songs.
This is for the times when I felt so gross when they couldn’t say my name. They said Anom….when it’s actually pronounced Ahnaam
Or how I spell it Anam.
This is for times where I felt so damn beautiful that I felt like a girl in a Bollywood film. 
This for the times for when I felt like crap because the girls of my 4 grade would say I would stink like “curry”….now I have this stupid habit downing my whole body with perfume because I’m so self conscious.
To think that these assholes love bindis and “Indian curry”, henna, and bangles now.
This is for me… To remember to NEVER be ashamed of what and who I am.
I am a Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, American, Brown, Girl, Woman.
And I am reclaiming my bindi.
Smell my curry, now.