“I am stronger than fear!
-Malala Yousafzai

This piece was painted on an 18x24 illustration board; I think this is the biggest watercolor painting I ever did! :)

If you don’t know who Malala is, look her up. You will be supremely inspired!

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100 Days of Watercolor Trees.

Day 43. Oak. Fan art paintings~ The Territorial Oak and I imagine Ness being all sheepish during the game.

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Lola and Bugs process preview !
full duration : 4 hrs ish   : )
If anyone is interested in getting the full length duration of this piece and all my other piece they will be made available through my Patreon for bi-weekly pledge )
Thanks and enjoy : D !



As a painter, Sargent was like none other before or after him. The casual control and loose perfection he brought to each of these paintings is something many a painter has desired. His confidence empowered him to push himself, yet he was able to maintain accuracy, extremely good value control, and life in each of his paintings.

Observe the collection of faces in the 2nd to last image. And then show me his equal. 

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Enjolras and Grantaire for the ship meme thing!

  • collects rocks
    • Grantaire. So much Grantaire. He always says that he’s going to paint them later as “this ridiculous ironic interpreation of still life, no it’ll be great, hipsters will pay millions!” but he usually ends up just paitning them different colors when he’s board and lining them up on the windowsill.
  • takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep
    • Enjolras because Grantaire will sleep anywhere and it’s hilarious. (Grantaire does draw Enjolras while Enjolras sleeps though)
  • gets drunk and breaks shit
    • Enjolras because he can’t handle is alcohol for shit. Grantaire gets drunk plenty but you usually can’t even tell.
  • can’t swim
    • Grantaire. Enjolras had all these private lessons as a kid, joined a swim club at one of his early private schools, got kicked out for some stupid reason or another, the whole thing, but Grantaire never learned.
  • remembers to feed the fish
    • Grantaire. He loves the fish, loves to get the brightest colors and sometimes he’ll just watch them swim around when he’s feeling anxious. If it were up to Enjolras the fish would die. In like, two days. He’s really awful.
  • puts up Christmas decorations in November
    • Grantaire again. Enjolras tells him that he’s just buying into the mass comsumerism of modern holidays but Grantaire gives zero fucks. He and Coufeyrac and Cosette will spend a week decorating all three of their respecive apartments to the last inch.
  • sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting
    • Grantaire. He’s really good at it too. Sometimes he honestly forgets Enjolras is busy and sometimes he’s just being a little shit.
  • makes Sims just to drown them in the pool
    • Enjolras. Whenever he has a really, really bad day at work he’ll make perfectly detailed recreations of his coworkers or rivals or local politicians and he’ll just watch them drown. Grantaire is a little afraid of him.
  • brings the other coffee at work
    • Surprisngly, Enjolras. He always forgets how to be a good boyfriend so he literally googled it one day and the top thing was little things like that, so he sets a calender reminder that goes off once a week. Grantaire is always delighted. (Grantaire thinks about doing the same, but he can never work up the nerve. Enjolras works at big fancy buildings, chrome and glass and polished suits and he doesn’t want to embaress Enjolras in front of his coworkers.)
  • takes gym locker room selfies
    • Grantaire is all about selfies. So many selifes. Too many selfies.
  • signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class
    • Neither. Grantaire tries a few times, but it’s exactly what Enjolras’ parents did before the divorce and were trying to find things to have in common again. He can’t make himself do it, it gives him shudders to think that’s something he and Grantaire need.
  • forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table
    • Enjolras. He really is the worst at being domestic at all. He only remembers to charge his own phone because he gets work emails on it. It drives Grantaire nuts because he’ll go to paint and nope, no music, ipod is dead, again.