I’m back y’all!

Hello tumblr world, how art thou!? I feel like such a newbie to the blogging world again. Ahh well, hopefully I can be better than last time. But for all you beautiful people who don’t know.. You either love me or hate me. Either way, it’s your decision.


That list is pretty much life in a nut shell!

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Love life and peace, from everyone’s favourite fattie :)

Konichiwagwan! (I joke I’m allowing signing off like that each time)

Two totally different people can be best friends.

For example, take Paisleigh and me.

  • She works at Hot Topic, I work at Wet Seal.
  • She dyed her hair a deep, bright red, when I am to scared to change my color.
  • She has gauges, I like wearing dangling and flowered earrings.
  • She wears band shirts, black skull dresses and Vans, I wear pink cropped tops, dresses and sandals.
  • She likes beanies, I like sunhats (some sunhats. they can be rather ugly.)
  • She adores metal, I adore soft acoustics and ukuleles.
  • She is an Alabama Fan, I’m a Miami Fan.

There are other things, and I love how different she is. I love all these things about her. She can be girly too. :p It’s just, we’re completely different, but we’re so close and genuinely there for one another. She’s the best. <3 And we do have some in common.

anonymous said:

Do you have baby names picked out?

I do! I haven’t brought them up with Aus because baby talk makes him nervous lmao but I like Liam Maverick (that’s Austin’s middle name and I absolutely love it) for a boy & Paisleigh Grace for a girl. I love unique names so don’t judge lol, my child will never have a basic ass name like John or Ashley 😂

I love this girl so much. We might disagree on a lot, we might have had our ups and downs, but she is really awesome. And she’s been a better friend to me than a lot of people have in a long time. <3