Wood needs to be protected otherwise it will split and crack. Here are a few good ways to seal your board.

Step 1: Water based polyurethane: paint it on and let it dry.

Leaves a durable clear finish on the board like its coated in plastic. 1-2 coats should be enough.

Step 2: Linseed oil: a natural way to finish the board that brings out the colors in the wood.  

Requires many coats for a durable finish. At least 2-3 coats with a day to dry between each, more is better. Re-oil the board anytime it starts to look dry. Be very careful when working with raw linseed oil since it is highly flammable and can spontaneous combust if the brushes or rags are not disposed of properly.  

Step 3: Paint: any kind of paint will help protect the board; house paint, spray paint, or enamel.

Paint two coats to make sure you’ve got a good seal. If water soaks under the paint it will bubble and peel.

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Planning Totems aka Paipo…first wave is legendary!

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Name: Maithri
Birthday: November 28th
Favorite color: all colors tbh
Lucky number: 3 
Height: 5’ 3
Talents: dancing, drawing and bad puns 
Last dream you remember:  
one of my family members died :( 

Can you juggle: no
Do you like writing: yes

Do you like dancing: that’s all i do tbh

Dream vacation: all  of india or all of south america tbh
Dream guy/gal/person: deepika padukone. 
Dream wedding: small, filled with people that love me, i’m anxiety free

Dream pet:  ALL THE PUPPIES 
Dream job: doctor/surgeon
Favorite album: Beyonce’s Beyonce
Least favorite song: 
Least favorite album: Radha 
Least favorite artist: miley cyrus


Guys/girls/both/other: ???????????? guys mostly
Hair color: dark
Eye color: whatever
Humorous/serious: serious with a sense of humor? 
Taller/shorter: taller
Biggest turn-off: any of the isms (sexism/racism/etc) and homophobia/transphobia/islamophobia
Biggest turn-on: someone who smells good and someone who is passionate about the things they love

shitty things ik ik

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paipo-paipo i do have leg day but idk what you mean by “gams” is that a typo?

either way i haven’t worked out in a week because my gym membership ran out so you’ll have to wait for a picture until i get a new one and make up for lost gains