Sabine Danzé’s Art Will Pull You In

Sabine Danzé creates art that is magnetic and intense.   Her works are large – in real life her portraits are over 5 feet tall.  Even on monitors their intensity is hard to look away from.  Sabine is also a performance artist and DJ.  It is easy to imagine that she is just as intense in her performances.  Visit her Facebook Page to keep up with her performance schedule.

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PinkSpex, An Illustrated Zine on Sex by Women.

PinkSpex is an illustrated zine about sexuality as seen through women’s eyes borne out of the friendship and conversations of several female artists.  The personal, sad, sweet and NSFW drawings within were created by Jordana Globerman, Marja de Sanctis and Hannah Prebble.  You can also pick up your own copy on One Beat Zines who publish original work by Feminist voices.

Bride General of Hannibal II (2015)

As always: Please do not remove the caption or the source. I would really appreciate that. Thank you guys! Reblog it to the end of time but don’t repost it without a source/link.

The Sources:

  • Alana: Promo Picture Hannibal Season 2: Photo by Michael Muller/NBC ) [x]
  • Painting: Portrait of Pyotr P. Konovnitsyn, by George Dawe [1825]  [x]

Other Bride General of Hannibal paintings:

  • Bedelia du Maurier [x]