Yang Xiao Long by CanisPanthera

Another commission, this time of Yang Xiao Long, one of the girls from Monty Oum’s series “RWBY” on Rooster Teeth. This commission got me to check out the show and it’s pretty fun :) I especially like the fashion design and world building aspects of it.

As a side note, Monty was just recently hospitalized due to a medical emergency. Details have not yet been released but it’s sounding like a terrible accident. If you’d like to show some love, you can donate to this fundraiser: http://www.gofundme.com/MontyandSheena

If you’d like to commission me just go ahead and send me a message or email me at srdonnan@gmail.com

Yang Xiao Long is from RWBY, ©Rooster Teeth. Art created by me.

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