The cuts are getting deeper and the thoughts are getting darker. The cuts slowly turn into scars, as more and more appear on my skin I wonder was this your plan? To destroy me bit by bit, as you walk away happy and un-phased by the pain and suffering you have caused. Will I ever escape from this darkness that shrouds my life, or will I slowly suffocate until there is no life to live.

I believe the nuance of Christian faith calls us to realistically assess the brokenness of the world while at the same time knowing there is a better hope above our circumstances, a hope that we can experience in the middle of our tragedies between heaven and heartache. I don’t think the Christian needs to pick one or the other — we reach for both.

Scripture gives us the mental weaponry to legitimately face off against evil, suffering, and sin, calling out the world as it really is: a fractured fallen place of entropy. So no Christian could ever be so optimistic that there is denial. Yet we’re also called to persevere triumphantly amidst the mushroom cloud because nothing that happens on earth is the final word on our story. No Christian will ever be so pessimistic that they’re hopeless. Nothing here gets to write the conclusion on our lives. You are never what happens to you.
Just a note to whoever is reading this

I’d highly advise not store stalking for whatever it is that just came out that you want so bad

All it does is make you angry inside

Example being my recent attempts to get Arcee here



If I see anymore rattraps in that goddamn transformers aisle I’m gonna hang myself with the adjacent Christmas decorations  


Weapon of Choice: the invisible scars of emotional abuse can last a lifetime.

"The Weapon of Choice Project was conceived by photographer ©Rich Johnson to provide a visual demonstration of the power of verbal abuse, and it’s meant to provoke a conversation about the problems of domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying.”

"When interviewing subjects about the pain they suffered, Johnson found that in general, physical abuse and emotional abuse were both weapons that the offender chose to use. However, when it came to verbal abuse and bullying, Johnson explained that many people have a “sticks and stones” attitude, not paying tribute to the actual harm that it does to a person. Johnson felt that if people could see these photographs and see the “emotional abuse” in the physical form, more people may take this issue more seriously." -  fstoppers

"We presented each participant in the Weapon of Choice Project with a list of hurtful words, and we asked them to choose a word that had significance to them (some volunteered words we didn’t [have on our list]).  At first, they were just words on list. But as each participant chose a word — the word that would be painted on their body and captured in a photograph — the words took on much more significance." - petapixel

They will be adding new images to their gallery each day in May, and they will encourage productive conversation on their Facebook page.

all images ©rich johnson - spectacle photo


#as small and minimal as it is this is one of my favorite moments from the episode #because in actuality it means so much for them on a grander scale #when was the last time either of them smiled this wide #let alone in each others presence? #they’ve spent the first half of their lives being abandoned forgotten tricked and pained #and the second half using every ounce of themselves to cut off from emotion and cement in blockades #and in all that both killian and emma never imagined they’d be here #in a single moment with no villains to chase and no issues to repair #no boundaries that sear them every time they try to step outside the internal walls #they can just /smile/ #and the only thing that hurts is how stretched their jaws are and /nothing/ else #the pain is gone #and it’s all because they found each other #fell in love with one another #and let each other inside #together they are unafraid and effortlessly happy

I miss you and I think you should know but instead of picking up my phone and messaging you, I’m here writing it in my journal. You’ll never know how much I think of you, you’ll never know how much I miss you, how much I miss us. You’ll never know.
—  K.L, Journal entry, 13th October, 2014 (8:41PM)