2014 wrapup thingy :|

2014 cons and one photo from each. My goals this year were to learn and at the same time, be consistent in my quality. I like portraiture, and I think that’s clear here. While I think that I improved in my quality in some areas A LOT, I think that my delivery has suffered - that is, turning in photos in a reasonable time-frame. For that, I apologize to everyone. It’s entirely on me, not you. 

That bad stuff being said, this year was rad rad rad and I love you guys, as always thank you for letting me shoot with you and I hope we can continue to do the thing.

Cosplayers are:

Mimikobaker (Ohayocon)

Slothtier (Katsucon)

Failmacaw *(Animarathon)

Avianna (Silenthirru)

Feytaline (Colossalworl)

Zaidunrefined/Paigeycosplay (Matsuricon)

Renew (DragonCon)

Rinachur (Youmacon)

Natalieb (Colossalworl)