Hawaii Five 0 has stepped things up with its second season, which as a whole, has delivered one great episode after another. The last new episode, fans were treated to saw the team rescuing Steve in enemy territory. I couldn’t imagine any episode following that one, but “Pahele” held its own. I don’t feel it was quite on the level of “Kiʻilua” but it did quite well.

The team must find away to work with a drug cartel who has kidnapped a bus full of children. There is also a subplot regarding the repercussion of Joe’s actions, in order to help Steve.

The premise of the kidnapping storyline was revealed in commercials promoting the episode. There were some twists and turns along the way, that kept the plot moving and interesting. However, in the end, despite being good, the story doesn’t offer anything new. I can’t remember if it was a previous episode of Five 0 or a similar police procedural where they think the prisoner is this low level guy, but it turns out he has been calling the shots all along. While I appreciated the story as it was being told, when reflecting on the plot afterward, it was just a retelling of such a scenario. (Although, how often does television offer truly original content? I can’t blame Hawaii Five 0; the story was still handled very well.)

I’m glad the episode touched on Joe and what his actions in the last episode would mean for him. I’m disappointed that he was basically let go, although, this is probably what needed to happen, and would be realistic. I am curious how no one else seem to be brought up on the issue, as Joe was not the only one who went over to save Steve.

Joe’s motive’s have always been questionable to me, and I can’t quite decide who’s side I think he is on. Every time, I start to lean more toward good/bad or against/with Steve, something happens that completely turns everything around. The final moments of tonight’s episode, again did that. Joe White has become more complex than John Locke. Although I always hated Locke, there is no denying figuring out whether he was good or bad, smart or plain crazy was always up for debate on Lost.

Overall “Pahele” is a fantastic episode of the series, and will keep viewers engaged in its plot.


Thoughts about H50 2x11 - Pahele

About this Shelburn situation.

I think Joe have always known who Shelburn is, because he is the one protecting he/she from Wo Fat. Thing is, now he wants Steve to know about it too, but he can’t just go and tell everything, Steve must find out for himself.

Also, Joe is getting other people to give Steve hints about the truth, so this way Shelburn won’t discover Joe was the one who lead Steve to him/her.

I think he is playing both sides. He is loyal to Shelburn, but thinks Steve will be of great help, besides having the right to know all about it.

On a side note, I really want Shelburn to be Steve’s mother, something like Prison Break, but without the evil mother. I know, I know, very creative…

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