im trying to cheer myself up so did i already tell that i saw Maleficent today?

i have so many feels, i mean some points i was like oh my god this scene was so foreseeable but in some scenes i was like hOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE OMG SO GOOD OMG OMG

not to mention that Maleficent is motherfucking badass like wow i love her so much just jeez man and Diaval omg i’m love with a fucking bird but okay it’s okay and now i must sip Maleval or what ever it’s called but like yes i want to see that movie again ugh wow so good and those landscapes or what ever were so damn pretty like i fucking want to live with maleficent and diaval okay

Maleficent, here I come!

That’s my ticket to the first run of the Disney’s new movie Maleficent in this city at the premiere night! Words can’t even describe how exited I am. :3

(Maleficent is Pahatar in Finnish, so the movie’s official Finnish name is Maleficent - Pahatar)

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So, today I found out the movie Maleficent has a Finnish translation, where Maleficent is translated Pahatar, which is a great non-literal translation of it. A literal translation would be pahansuopa, which quite literally means “one who wishes for evil”, from paha, evil and suoda to allow, to wish that something would happen. Suopa is an archaic version of the modern participle, suova. The pA-participle is still retained in a few words, like syöpä, cancer or “that which eats”.

An adjective sounds much, much worse in Finnish than in English, however, so someone decided on a much cleverer one. Pahatar is, as you can guess, derived from the adjective paha, evil, wicked, bad. The suffix tAr is a feminine suffix, derived way back in the day from the word tytär, daughter. So, basically we have “eviless”.

The suffix is really well picked, because this suffix is used for almost every Finnish goddess of our ancient myths. There is stuff from Ilmatar, a spirit of air to Vammatar the goddess of suffering and pain. This makes it almost a “female divinity suffix”, considering the dwindling use of the suffix outside this context, largely due to awareness of sexist tendencies in language.

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I just realized Cruella de Vil and Maleficent had the same voice actor in Finnish. Hannele Lauri is utterly brilliant.

Oh gods just listen to those rolling rs I can’t even…

Also here’s Maleficent should you wish to see that as well, from 2:40 onwards.