I can´t help myself, but I simply have to post pics of me in my new real Indian saree, which I have got today from my boyfriend. Only the wrapping around my body was a little piece of art and I must improve it still, because otherwise there is the danger that it would fall down and this would be pretty awkward in the public :D.

But I have time enough to learn it properly till the next summer :) 

pageysflower asked:

Hallo dear! :) I must write you- I´m a mom myself, I have a son who is almost 25. And I must bow down to you, that you are supporting your mom in her difficult situation. This needs a lot of courage and also a good heart. You are awesome. And don´t let make yourself sad and don´t let discourage yourself by stupid anon comments. What you are doing is great, because nowadays the kids and youngsters are very often not much enthusiastic to help in the household ( I know it from my family) :)

Aww you are so kind to tell me this. Thank you so much. I just couldn’t bare to see my little sisters have to go through the same pain that I went through when I was their age (I have a complicated past), so I just help out financially, but I must admit I am lazy when it comes to cleaning up after myself around the house. But thank you so much <3

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Hallo, here is Renata (pageysflower) :) I wanna say that I love your blog so much, it is awesome. I discovered T Rex and Marc about two weeks ago, though I knew about his existence all my life. I just came across him and I was just hooked and almost instantly in love with the music and with him. I have sent you two screen -captures I made, with his adorable smile. It makes my heart melt. My other favorite rock stars are Jimmy Page and George Harrison. Feel free to write me anytime! :)

thank you, dear. that is so very sweet of you! i’ll post one right now and one tomorrow. they look to be from born to boogie, and i’ve been working on some gifs from the movie, so look forward to that! i love his smile too. thank you for the compliment and the follow! :)