I'm just going to throw this out there;

If we are plotting and I feel like I’m super excited about it and you are just giving me nothing in return then it is going to lower my excitement for the plot and make me think you aren’t interested which will lower my drive to write. I love more than anything when my 1x1 partner gets as excited as I do, and gets tons of feels and lets me drown them in headcanons and just gets really fucking into them with me. Just give me something to work with, show me you want the plot so we can really enjoy it together. Nothing is worse than that awkward plot partner that seems like they hate you. 

anonymous said:

questipn do you have a drawing tablet of any sorts?? and also when you use paint tool sai what do you use for colouring i cant find one that looks good :,(

Hi anon!

Yes I use a tablet called Aiptex something something, it’s super old and I need a new one.

And about the colouring stuff! I use custom brushes!

For sketching:


For lining:


For clean colouring:


And then for when I feel extra artsy fartsy about the colouring:


Hope that this could be of help! Have a nice day/evening/night! ♥